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James SCUTT (1845-1849)

Name: James SCUTT
Sex: Male
Father: John SCUTT (1808- )
Mother: Elizabeth OVENDEN (1811- )

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 1845
Death 3 Sep 1849 (age 3-4) Dover

Individual Note (shared)

1. I have the death certificate of James Scutt, aged 4, son of John Scutt, Police Constable. He died of cholera in Dover in 1849.


NB1. 1848 was noted as a year of a cholera epidemic in England which is said to have killed 53,000 in total. The epidemic then passed on the France in 1849. NB2. The PRO index has three other Scutt deaths on the same page of the Dover register, so maybe they all died of cholera at the same time. The others were Alfred, Thomas and Richard. Of these Richard might have been another of John's sons, but the only candidates for Alfred and Thomas are sons of John's brother James.