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Phil WALLACE ( - )

Name: Phil WALLACE
Sex: Male
Father: Alfred Henry WALLACE (1842-1877)
Mother: Sarah HEATH (1844- )

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1. 'Uncle Phil' is well remembered both by my Aunt Louie and by the Alf and Jessie in New Zealand, but that doesn't help identify who he is. They all seem to agree that he was a son of Sarah Wallace (while she was still a Wallace), but the problem is that he does not appear in her household in the 1881 census (but see also Alfred. There should have been 8 children at the time of


2. He wife's name was Amy and he is believed to have had two sons. The information from Alf Pugh in New Zealand is that he had a glass bevelling business in Lambeth which was run by his son for a number of years before WWII. Just prior to the war the family and the business both moved to Welwyn, where is developed more towards optical work for the MOD. A number of relatives are believed tohave fancy glass mirrors which were given by him as wedding presents. Just for the record, Alf Pugh, who sounds like a reliable witness, is fairly certain that Uncle Phil's surname was spelt Wallis, not Wallace.