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Family of Henry Mark PETTIT and Annie CARTER

Husband: Henry Mark PETTIT (1880-1925)
Wife: Annie CARTER ( - )
Children: Ethel PETTIT (1914- )
Ellen Joyce PETTIT (1921-1950)
Marriage 1913

Husband: Henry Mark PETTIT


Henry Mark PETTIT

Name: Henry Mark PETTIT
Sex: Male
Father: Edward PETTIT (1857-1909)
Mother: Ann Elizabeth HARRIS (1858-1933)
Birth 1880 Horselydown, London
Death 1925 (age 44-45)

Wife: Annie CARTER



Name: Annie CARTER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Ethel PETTIT

Name: Ethel PETTIT
Sex: Female
Spouse: John POUND ( - )
Birth 1914

Child 2: Ellen Joyce PETTIT

Name: Ellen Joyce PETTIT
Sex: Female
Birth 1921
Death 1950 (age 28-29)

Note on Husband: Henry Mark PETTIT - shared note

1. Was 5 months old at the time of the 1881 census. FreeBMD has an entry for his birth in 4th Qtr 1880 in the St Olave registration district.


2. In the 1901 census his profession is 'Lighterman Apprentice'.


3. There is a wonderful family photograph taken at the time of Henry's wedding which includes most of the Carter and Pettit families at that time. It was taken in the garden of Grandmother Carter's house in Curlew Street, Horsleydown. Must put it on the web some time.


4. Henry was a lighterman and served in the British Army in both the Boer War and the 1st World War. In the latter he was employed running barges in Northern France, but his barge was sunk twice. It seems that this was particularly traumatic since he couldn't swim. As a result he never returned to working on the Thames barges after the war, but became a dock worker on land. My impression from Ethel is that he never really recovered from the war.

Note on Wife: Annie CARTER - shared note

1. Annie was one of 3 Carter sibblings who married Pettit sibblings. The others were Charlie Carter who married Louisa Pettit, and Harry Carter who married Beattie Pettit.