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Family of William ADDIS and Bess PETTIT

Husband: William ADDIS ( - )
Wife: Bess PETTIT (1890- )

Husband: William ADDIS

Name: William ADDIS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Bess PETTIT



Name: Bess PETTIT
Sex: Female
Father: Edward PETTIT (1857-1909)
Mother: Ann Elizabeth HARRIS (1858-1933)
Birth 1890

Note on Wife: Bess PETTIT - shared note

1. (Information from Uncle Frank). Married William Addis with two children Bessie and Lilian. Bessie married with two children, Caroline and John. Lilian married first during the war (surname Wells) but her husband left for Singapore within the week and was lost at sea. She later married Cyril Merrick but had no children.