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Family of Edward PETTIT and Elizabeth MAY

Husband: Edward PETTIT (1773- )
Wife: Elizabeth MAY ( -1861)
Children: Edward PETTIT (1807-1856)
Sarah Wilkins PETTIT (1809- )
Marriage 12 Nov 1805 Folkestone, Kent

Husband: Edward PETTIT

Name: Edward PETTIT
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas PETTIT (1750- )
Mother: Sarah WILKINS (bur.1815)
Birth 24 Feb 1773 Folkestone

Wife: Elizabeth MAY

Name: Elizabeth MAY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death Jan 1861 Folkestone

Child 1: Edward PETTIT

Name: Edward PETTIT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah SPEARPOINT (1804-1864)
Birth 11 Jan 1807 St Charles the Martyr, Plymouth
Death 13 Jan 1856 (age 49) Folkestone

Child 2: Sarah Wilkins PETTIT

Name: Sarah Wilkins PETTIT
Sex: Female
Birth 22 Dec 1809

Note on Husband: Edward PETTIT - shared note

1. Edward was a widower at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth May. I have searched through many of the non-IGI parishes surrounding Folkestone for a record of the first marriage, without success. The only possibility found so far is the marriage of an Edward Pettit to Mary Lee in Davington (near Faversham) on December 6, 1797. There are no other Pettit records on the IGI in Davington around this time.


2. There is a naval service record for an Edward Pettit of about the right age throughout the Napoleonic war. This would give a good reason for him to be in Plymouth at the time of the birth of his son Edward. But there is no record of his first marriage in the Devon FHS's index of marriages.

Note on Wife: Elizabeth MAY - shared note

1. There is an Elizabeth Pettit aged 65 living in Radnor Street in the 1841 census. (Slightly surprisingly, she is the only Pettit in Folkestone at the time, apart from an Ann Pettit aged 15, a pupil at the Parade House Academy. Part of the answer seems to be that Edward Pettit, the coastguard, had moved with all his family to Lydd at that time.]


2. There is an Elizabeth Pettit of Radnor Street, Folkestone who died in 1861 aged 85. This could be her, but it would make her aged 31 at the time of her marriage, which is a little old. There are candidates of a suitable age for this Elizabeth May born 1775 or 1776 in Folkestone.


3. Rita Pettit tells me that the East Kent Archives hold the records of some Folkestone Undertakers called Dunk. These say that Elizabeth May died in January 1861 and that her burial cost £2 19s 6d.


4. In the Post Office Directory of 1852 there is a Mrs Elizabeth Pettit of Radnor Street, who is a Marine store dealer. Is this her ?


5. The curiosity is that she doesn't seem to make an appearance in the 1851 census for Folkestone. Yolande Dunn has done a search, and there is also a card index in the Folkestone Library. Neither have found her.