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Family of Augustin AZZARO and Emilia RUGGERI

Husband: Augustin AZZARO (1866- )
Wife: Emilia RUGGERI (1868- )
Marriage 9 Jun 1894 Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Husband: Augustin AZZARO

Name: Augustin AZZARO
Sex: Male
Father: Antonio AZARO (1843-1904)
Mother: Maria GARIBOTTO ( - )
Birth 1866

Wife: Emilia RUGGERI

Name: Emilia RUGGERI
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1868 Bobbio, Italy

Note on Husband: Augustin AZZARO

It is possible to follow the family of Agustin Azzaro, starting with his marriage 9/6/1894 to Emilia Ruggeri in the church of San Marcos Evangelista in Marcos Paz. The marriage record says that Agustin is aged 25, born in Chiavari, Italy, and is the son of Antonio Azzaro and Maria Garibotto. Agustin and Emilia (age 26, born in Bobbio) can then be found in Marcos Paz in the 1895 census with one son Antonio, aged 2 months.


The baptismal acts of a long list of children can also all be found in Marcos Paz

Antonio Angel Azzaro 1895

Manuel Azaro 1897

E. Benigna Azzaro 1899

Juan Azzaro 1901

M. Victoria Azaro 1903

A Lucia Azzaro 1904

Augustina Azzaro 1906

Carolina Azzaro 1908

Carlos M Azzaro 1911

Enriqueta Azzaro 1913

Angela Azzaro 1917