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Family of Antonio AZARO and Carolina TRAVERSANO

Husband: Antonio AZARO (1843-1904)
Wife: Carolina TRAVERSANO ( - )
Children: Emanuele AZARO (1892- )
Narciso AZARO (1895- )
Ernesta AZARO (1897- )
Livia AZARO (1901- )

Husband: Antonio AZARO


Antonio AZARO

Name: Antonio AZARO
Sex: Male
Father: Emmanuelle AZARO (1817-1883)
Mother: Teresa STAGNARO (1819- )
Birth 15 Aug 1843 Casarza Ligure, Italy
Death 14 Nov 1904 (age 61) Riva Trigoso
Burial Casarza Ligure, Italy

Wife: Carolina TRAVERSANO



Name: Carolina TRAVERSANO
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Emanuele AZARO


Emanuele AZARO, Emanuele Azaro

Name: Emanuele AZARO
Sex: Male
Birth 1892

Child 2: Narciso AZARO

Name: Narciso AZARO
Sex: Male
Birth 1895

Child 3: Ernesta AZARO

Name: Ernesta AZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 1897

Child 4: Livia AZARO

Name: Livia AZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 1901

Note on Husband: Antonio AZARO - shared note

1. I have met or exchanged letters with two of Antonio's descendants in Casarza Ligure.. They tell me that Antonio went to America for a few years, where he had a number of children, but then returned to Italy and raised a second family. He had 4 children born in Casarza : Emanuele b.1892, Narciso b.1895, Ernesta b.1897 and Livia b.1901. Narciso also went to America (San Francisco) for a about 6 years before returning. Narciso, Ernesta and Livia can all be found in the cemetery at Casarza. It looks as though Emanuele may be there too, but if so, then he is buried under the name of Erminio.


2. I have found Antonio's entry in the Lista di Leva. He was originally marked as 'Renitente' which means that he failed to present himself for military service. Then there is a later note from 1879 which says 'Costituito spontaneamente 31/5/1879. Visitava di consiglio di Leva il 7 Maggio successiva. E rifermato per anchilosi completa articolazione dello mano destra'. It appears that he voluntarily turned up about 16 years late but was excused military service because of stiffness of the right hand. (Presumably this implies that Antonio had returned from America by 1879)


3. The four children of Antonio who were born in Italy were described in the church records as the "natural" children of Antonio Azaro and Maria Carolina Traversaro; (the priest is making it clear that the parents were not married). The death certificate of Antonio (the one in the church register) tells us that he was actually married to Maria Garibotto.


4. Antonio's trip to America appears to have been to Argentina where there are many records of an Antonio Azaro married to Maria Garibotto. The first is in the Argentine census of 1869 where he is at Merlo, just outside Buenos Aires. The family consists of Antonio Assaro (age 25) and Maria Assaro (age 19), both born in Italy, plus 3 children Augustin (3), Anglelita (2) and Carmelo (1) all born in Argentina. Listed immediately below this family is Flora Gariboto, age 15. I am guessing that Flora is a relative of Maria and therefore supports the hypothesis that this Maria Assaro was actually born Maria Gariboto.


These are followed by the baptism 1/8/1869 of Camilo Juan Manuel Assaro, son of Antonio Assaro and Maria Gariboto at Moron, Buenos Aires and the slightly strange record of the baptism 8/5/1871 of Toribio Bartolo Azaros in Rosario, Santa Fe, also the son of Antonio Assaro and Maria Garibotto.


5. Note that the spelling of Agustin's family seems to have settled down to using a double 'z', whereas the family of Jose Azaro (younger brother of Antonio) settled on a single 'z'. One of Jose's descendants told me that the distinction was deliberate and was a result of the two brothers Antonio and Jose falling out.


6. There is a record of the arrival in Argentina on 1/4/1890 of an Antonio Azaro aged 46. Is this him? The age is exactly right.


7. In the civil registry for Casarza Ligure the death of Antonio Azaro, age 61, is recorded on 14 November 1904 in Riva Trigoso (which is a few miles down the road from Casarza). He is described as a "Cenciaiolo" which may be a "Rag and bone man". (His descendants tell me that he was actually a fruit and vegetable seller with a shop in Riva Trigoso.) A curiosity is that a death on the same day and in the same place is recorded in the Church registry but there he is listed as Emanuele Azaro, although the age is still 61. Presumably they are both the same person but that 'Emanuele' has become a family 'sopranome', given that both his father and grandfather were called Emanuele.


8. There are two Atti Notarili found in the Chiavari Land Registry relating to an Antonio Azaro (the same person, or someone else?) :

i. An act dated 12 September 1879 in which he bought 3 pieces of land in Casarza. Two of them were cultivated pieces, one vines one olives, on the south side of the road to Varese. The third was wooded ground (pines and chestnuts) in a place called the 'Valle Grande' and crossed by the 'strada provinciale di Spezia'.

ii. An act dated 26 December 1896 in which he sold an old house of two floors with some land in Casarza for 1000 lira.


9. There is an entry for his son Narciso on the Ellis Island records showing that he arrived in America in 1913, aged 18.