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Family of Thomas PETTIT and Elizabeth BOXER

Husband: Thomas PETTIT (b.1725, bur.1786)
Wife: Elizabeth BOXER ( - )
Children: Thomas PETTIT (1750- )
William PETTIT (1752- )
Elizabeth PETTIT (1755- )
Jacob PETTIT (1758- )
Mary PETTIT (1760- )
Ann PETTIT (1764- )
Jacob PETTIT (1770- )
Marriage 13 Nov 1748 Folkestone, Kent

Husband: Thomas PETTIT

Name: Thomas PETTIT
Sex: Male
Father: William PETTIT (b.1695, bur.1727)
Mother: Elizabeth MUSSON ( - )
Birth 18 Jul 1725 Folkestone
Burial 18 Sep 1786

Wife: Elizabeth BOXER

Name: Elizabeth BOXER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Thomas PETTIT

Name: Thomas PETTIT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah WILKINS (bur.1815)
Birth 5 Aug 1750 Folkestone

Child 2: William PETTIT

Name: William PETTIT
Sex: Male
Birth 15 Sep 1752

Child 3: Elizabeth PETTIT

Name: Elizabeth PETTIT
Sex: Female
Spouse: William PAIN ( - )
Birth 13 Apr 1755

Child 4: Jacob PETTIT

Name: Jacob PETTIT
Sex: Male
Birth 6 Jan 1758

Child 5: Mary PETTIT

Name: Mary PETTIT
Sex: Female
Birth 18 Jan 1760

Child 6: Ann PETTIT

Name: Ann PETTIT
Sex: Female
Birth 15 Apr 1764

Child 7: Jacob PETTIT

Name: Jacob PETTIT
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Feb 1770

Note on Wife: Elizabeth BOXER - shared note

1. The IGI has 3 candidates for Elizabeth Boxer born in Folkestone :

a) Christened May 1 1726. Parents Jacob + Mary

b) Christened March 19, 1726-7. Parents Ric + Mgt.

c) Christened August 22, 1731. Parents John + Sarah.


Of these (c) is a bit young really and seems to be accounted for by the Eliz Boxer aged 24 who married Wm Miller in 1756 (age taken from marriage licences). (b) may have died young since Ric + Mgt may have had another daughter Elizabeth in 1736 (but this is not certain, since this would have been their 20th child, with the first born in 1711 !). (It would be nice if (b) were the answer since she would then be the sister of the Sussana Boxer who married Thomas Spearpoint.)


I think that (a) must tbe favourite if we look at childrens' names. Thomas Pettit and Elizabeth Boxer named there first four children William, Elizabeth, Jacob and Mary. This would fit a perfect pattern of his parents' names, followed by her parents' names. Unfortunately, if these are the parents of Elizabeth Boxer the trail then goes cold. There is no IGI record of either the birth or marriage of Jacob Boxer - all we know is that they appear to have had a total of 10 children over the period 1720 - 1737.