Family of Thomas MAY and Ellen SMITH

Husband: Thomas MAY (1808- )
Wife: Ellen SMITH (1808- )
Children: Ursula MAY (1849-1921)

Husband: Thomas MAY

Name: Thomas MAY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1808

Wife: Ellen SMITH

Name: Ellen SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1808 Dovridge, Derbyshire

Child 1: Ursula MAY


Ursula MAY

Name: Ursula MAY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Emmanuelle AZARO (1840-1916)
Birth 28 Oct 1849 Leicester
Death 26 Nov 1921 (age 72) Brighton, Sussex
Burial Brighton Cemetery

Note on Husband: Thomas MAY - shared note

1. Ursula May's mariage certificate gives her father as Thomas May. His profession is something like 'Cornisher' ???


2. See the various notes included in Ursula's entry for the identification of him and his family in the 1851 census in Leicester. Here he is aged 43, a Hawker of Caps, and his place of birth given as 'Peaser, Italy'. (Presumably Pisa)


3. In the 1841 census he is a Hawker, age 30, and has an entry 'I' in the column for "Born in Scotland, Ireland or Foreign parts". Presumably this indicates Ireland, which at least fits the tradition in my family that Ursula was Irish.