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Family of Thomas PETTIT and Sarah WILKINS

Husband: Thomas PETTIT (1750- )
Wife: Sarah WILKINS (bur.1815)
Children: Edward PETTIT (1773- )
Sarah PETTIT (1788- )
Thomas PETTIT (1776- )
Marriage 19 Mar 1772 Folkestone, Kent

Husband: Thomas PETTIT

Name: Thomas PETTIT
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas PETTIT (b.1725, bur.1786)
Mother: Elizabeth BOXER ( - )
Birth 5 Aug 1750 Folkestone

Wife: Sarah WILKINS

Name: Sarah WILKINS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Burial 2 May 1815 Folkestone

Child 1: Edward PETTIT

Name: Edward PETTIT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth MAY ( -1861)
Birth 24 Feb 1773 Folkestone

Child 2: Sarah PETTIT

Name: Sarah PETTIT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Rob MAY ( - )
Birth 11 Apr 1788

Child 3: Thomas PETTIT

Name: Thomas PETTIT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann BUTLER ( - )
Birth 20 Sep 1776

Note on Husband: Thomas PETTIT - shared note

1. Information from Kit Withers says that there is an entry in the Marriage Licence allegations index for 'Thos PETTIT of Folkestone bachelor & Sarah WILKINS of the s minor (mother Rebecca CORNISH widow), at Folkestone 18 Mar 1772'.

Note on Wife: Sarah WILKINS - shared note

1. The entry for Thomas Pettit and Sarah Wilkins in the marriage licence allegations index implies that Sarah Wilkins was a minor at the time of her marriage, and that her mother was then 'Rebecca Cornish - widow'. This leads immediately to a record of a marriage of John Cornish to Rebecca Wilkins in Folkestone 16/2/1757. Was this a second marriage of Sarah Wilkins' mother ?