Family of Arthur BAKER and Elizabeth CHANTLER

Husband: Arthur BAKER (1767-1844)
Wife: Elizabeth CHANTLER (1770-1850)
Children: Reuben BAKER (1810- )
James BAKER (1794- )
Elizabeth BAKER ( - )
David BAKER (1796- )
Marriage 23 Mar 1793 Billingshurst, Sussex

Husband: Arthur BAKER

Name: Arthur BAKER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1767
Death 8 Dec 1844 (age 76-77) Billingshurst, Sussex

Wife: Elizabeth CHANTLER

Name: Elizabeth CHANTLER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1770
Death 10 Apr 1850 (age 79-80) Billingshurst, Sussex

Child 1: Reuben BAKER

Name: Reuben BAKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Frances AGATE (1817-1895)
Birth 1810 Billingshurst, Sussex
Death "BEF. 1861"
Census 1851 (age 40-41) 20 Vine Street, Brighton

Child 2: James BAKER

Name: James BAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1794

Child 3: Elizabeth BAKER

Name: Elizabeth BAKER
Sex: Female

Child 4: David BAKER

Name: David BAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1796

Note on Husband: Arthur BAKER - shared note

1. The reason for including Arthur Baker and Elizabeth Chantler is that he left a will in 1844 saying that he had a son Reuben (among others). It is no more than a hope that this is our Reuben. The will isn't very detailed - he simply leaves everything to his wife during her lifetime and then to his four (surviving) children. Total value is less than £20.


2. I have been in touch with a John Hurd of Billingshurst (whose interest is in the property owned by Arthur, rather than the family itself). He has established that Arthur and Elizabeth were buried at the Billingshurst Free Christian Chapel, which would explain why there is no record in the parish registers of the birth of any of their children. He believes that Arthur lived on the Causeway (house called Botterills ?) until 1820, when he sold that house and built another in East Street (known then as High Holborn, now as High Bank). The Manor of Storrington has two documents from 1842 and 1844 detailing a copyhold cottage with garden in Billingshurst in the hands of Arthur Baker. There is a Heriot and Fine of 6d each and the yearly rent is two fat pullets compounded for at 1s 6d per annum. A further document of 1845 says that the Heriot and Fine are both due since Arthur Baker has lately died.


3. John Hurd has followed up the house in Arthur Baker's will and believes that it is mentioned in the will of a John Fanstone in 1854, and by 1875 is in the hands of James Fanstone of Brighton. The 1854 will says that the property was bought from Reuben Baker. John Hurd has also seen (on Ebay) a reference to a document detailing the admission of John Fanstone in 1857 to a cottage which he bought from Reuben Baker (of Brighton) for £54.. The yearly rent specified in this document is 2 fat pullets.


4. Karen Norrish has pencilled in an unknown fifth child who married a Thomas Pillock of Billingshurst in 1838. I can't guess where this came from.


5. The 1841 census shows Arthur Baker living at Highbank House, aged 74. Occupation = Independent and born in Sussex. Elizabeth Baker, aged 71 is at the same address. (Also in the household is John Bridger, aged 74 - no relation?)


6. FFHS online has Billingshurst Land Tax records which mention Arthur Baker (almost) continuously from 1795 to 1832.

(i) In each year from 1795 to 1808 inclusive he is the owner of a house valued at 4s 0d. From 1795 - 1800 this house is occupied by Joseph Pope. From 1801 - 1808 the occupier is Arthur Baker.

(ii) From 1807 to 1829 inclusive he owns a house assessed at 12s 4d (I am guessing that it is always the same house, but only because the value never changes). From 1807 to 1811 this house is described as 'late Mrs Matthews'. From 1826 to 1829 it is called 'High Holborn'. The occupier changes as follows : 1807 - none; 1808 to 1812 - Arthur Baker; 1813 - William Greenfield; 1814 - John Evershed; 1815 - none; 1816 - Bisshop (sic); 1817 - Steer; 1818 to 1822 - Arthur Baker; 1823 - Peter Evershed; 1826 to 1829 - Arthur Baker; (NB. Arthur Baker does not appear in any records for 1824 and 1825 ? Did he move ? Were the records lost ? )

(iii) From 1830 to 1832 inclusive Arthur Baker is the owner and occupier of a house valued at 4s 0d. (The records include a cryptic entry "pre £1 0s 0d". Don't know what this means.)


5. I have the death certificate of Arthur Baker, Bricklayer, aged 76, who died in Billingshurst on 8/12/1844. The only other information it gives is that the informant was David Baker of Billingshurst.

Note on Wife: Elizabeth CHANTLER - shared note

1. In the 1841 census she is aged 71, living with her husband at Highbank house. She was born in Sussex.


2. John Hurd tells me that there is a burial record for her at the Billingshurst Free Christian Chapel in 1850. She is described as 'of East Lane' Billingshurst.


3. I have the death certificate of Elizabeth Baker, aged 80, widow of Arthur Baker, bricklayer. She died 10/4/1850 in Billingshurst. The informant was Martha Chantler (Chandler ?). So if she had Chantler relatives living nearby, it at least suggests that she came from somewhere fairly close to Billingshurst. (In the 1841 census there is a Martha Chantler, aged 49, born Sussex, living in Caffins Row, Billingshurst. By the 1851 census she is still at Caffins Row, widow aged 62, occupation pauper, born Wisborough Green).)