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Family of William G. BARKER and Fleurella (?)

Husband: William G. BARKER (1837- )
Wife: Fleurella (?) (1843- )
Children: Florence BARKER (1871- )
Sophia BARKER (1873- )
William G BARKER (1875- )
Annie Jane BARKER (1878- )
Edward M BARKER (1880- )

Husband: William G. BARKER

Name: William G. BARKER
Sex: Male
Father: William George BARKER (1816- )
Mother: Adelaide REYNOLDS (1817-1897)
Birth 4 Sep 1837 St Mary, Newington

Wife: Fleurella (?)

Name: Fleurella (?)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1843 Kent
Occupation 1881 (age 37-38) -

Child 1: Florence BARKER

Name: Florence BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1871

Child 2: Sophia BARKER

Name: Sophia BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1873

Child 3: William G BARKER

Name: William G BARKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1875

Child 4: Annie Jane BARKER

Name: Annie Jane BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1878

Child 5: Edward M BARKER

Name: Edward M BARKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1880

Note on Husband: William G. BARKER - shared note

1. In the 1881 census there is a William G Barker living at 3 Saville Place, Lambeth with his wife Fleurella, 5 children and his mother Adelaide. He is aged 42 and his occupation is given as Labourer. There appear to be two other lodgers (?), a father and son, both named John Brown, at the same address. He was born in Newington, Surrey. [ The importance of this record is that, if it is the right guy, then it gives the age and place of birth of his mother Adelaide.]


2. I have the birth certficate of a William George Barker, born 4th September 1837 in Newington, the son of William George Barker and Adelaide, formerly Reynolds. The date is a bit soon after his parents' wedding, and doesn't quite agree with the census, but I think that they are all close enough to assume that the guy in the census is the same one, and all part of the family.