Family of RICHARD

Partner: RICHARD ( - )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Ralphe FRANCK (1609- )
Matthew FRANCK (1611- )
Katherine FRANCK (1614- )
Elizabeth FRANCK (1615- )
Richard FRANCK (1621- )

Husband: RICHARD

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Ralphe FRANCK

Name: Ralphe FRANCK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan HASELLWOODE (1613- )
Birth 3 May 1609 St Mary the Virgin, Dover

Child 2: Matthew FRANCK

Name: Matthew FRANCK
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Jul 1611 St James the Apostle, Dover

Child 3: Katherine FRANCK

Name: Katherine FRANCK
Sex: Female
Birth 10 Apr 1614 St James the Apostle, Dover

Child 4: Elizabeth FRANCK

Name: Elizabeth FRANCK
Sex: Female
Birth 28 Jan 1614/15 St Mary the Virgin, Dover

Child 5: Richard FRANCK

Name: Richard FRANCK
Sex: Male
Birth 11 Nov 1621 St Mary the Virgin, Dover

Note on Husband: RICHARD - shared note

1. Richard Franck is only included because he appears as the father of Raphe Franck in the latter's christening record. There are a number of others of the same period born in Dover whose father is given as Richard Franck, and I have included them here as siblings. This is more than usually speculative !