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Family of Emmanuelle AZARO and Teresa STAGNARO

Husband: Emmanuelle AZARO (1817-1883)
Wife: Teresa STAGNARO (1819- )
Children: Giovanni Battista AZARO (1839-1839)
Emmanuelle AZARO (1840-1916)
Antonio AZARO (1843-1904)
Giuseppe AZARO (1846- )
Andrea AZZARO (1849- )
Marriage 2 Jun 1838 San Michele Arcangelo, Casarza Ligure

Husband: Emmanuelle AZARO

Name: Emmanuelle AZARO
Sex: Male
Father: Emmanuelle AZARO ( -1830)
Mother: Maria GANDOLFO ( - )
Birth 2 Jun 1817 Casarza Ligure, Italy
Death 7 Aug 1883 (age 66) Casarza Ligure, Italy
Burial 9 Aug 1883 Casarza Ligure, Italy

Wife: Teresa STAGNARO

Name: Teresa STAGNARO
Sex: Female
Father: Giovanni Battista STAGNARO ( - )
Mother: Geronima MAZZUCCO ( - )
Birth 1819

Child 1: Giovanni Battista AZARO

Name: Giovanni Battista AZARO
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Jul 1839 Casarza Ligure, Italy
Death 30 Jul 1839 (age 0) Casarza Ligure, Italy

Child 2: Emmanuelle AZARO


Emmanuelle AZARO

Name: Emmanuelle AZARO
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ursula MAY (1849-1921)
Birth 5 Oct 1840 Casarza Ligure, Italy
Death 27 May 1916 (age 75) Brighton, Sussex
Census 1891 (age 50-51) Living at Chesterfield St, Brighton
Burial Brighton Cemetery

Child 3: Antonio AZARO


Antonio AZARO

Name: Antonio AZARO
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Carolina TRAVERSANO ( - )
Spouse 2: Maria GARIBOTTO ( - )
Birth 15 Aug 1843 Casarza Ligure, Italy
Death 14 Nov 1904 (age 61) Riva Trigoso
Burial Casarza Ligure, Italy

Child 4: Giuseppe AZARO


Giuseppe AZARO

Name: Giuseppe AZARO
Sex: Male
Spouse: Teresa BONINO ( - )
Birth 9 Sep 1846 Casarza Ligure, Italy

Child 5: Andrea AZZARO

Name: Andrea AZZARO
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Jun 1849 Casarza Ligure, Italy

Note on Husband: Emmanuelle AZARO - shared note

1. I have the record of the marriage of Emmanuelle Azzaro and Teresa Stagnaro at the church of San Michele in Casarza Ligure in 1838. His age is given as 21 and hers as 19. Both are residents of Casarza. By this time Emmanuelle's father was already dead, but the other three parents of the couple were all alive and residents of Casarza.


2. I have found his entry in the Lista di Leva for those born in 1817. This gives his date of birth as 2 Giugno 1817 and says that he was born in Casarza. It gives his mother as Maria Gandolfo but (curiously) gives his father as Pellegrino (deceased). His profession is Contadino and his height is 40 measured in 'oncia di Piemonte' (which appears to be slightly above average). The verdict of the conscription commission is 'La fine di lista. Unico di vedova'. This implies that he was the only son of a widow and accordingly put at the end of the list to be called up only in emergency. The result is that he did not do any military service.


3. I have the record of his death in Casarza at the age of 66 in 1883. By this time he appears to be married to Magdalena Mazzini.


4. I have checked the baptismal registers of the church of Santa Vittoria di Libiola from 1794 - 1837. He centainly isn't there, nor anyone else whose father's name was either Emanuele or Pellegrino. The priest at Santa Vittoria suggested that Loto would be more likely because the wife's name of Gandolfo was more common there.


5. Both on his marriage certificate and in the Lista di Leva it says that he is 'a native of Casarza', so it seems best to try all the churches in that comune before hunting in Loto (which is part of Sestri Levante). Accordingly I wrote to the priest at San Martino di Bargone, but he could find no record. He is also responsible for the churches at Verici and Massasco, but also drew a blank in the Verici records, and, for the moment, told me that he had lost the Massasco records.


6. Note that Paola has searched the church records of S. Michele Arcangelo at Casarza from 1809 to 1849 for the name Azaro. There are a total of 5 births, 2 marriages and 1 death, all of them connected with the same family - so it seems safe to say that there was only one family of Azaro's using the main church in Casarza at that time. I have also searched for deaths up until about 1904 without finding any other family. I started searching the marriages, but somehow failed to make a note of what years had been checked.


7. It has been possible to search for some "Atti Notarili" in the Agenzia del Territorio in Chiavari (which are legal records in the Land Registry] and two have turned up relating to Emanuele (also two more for his son Antonio). All of them seem to show that the family conformed to the traditional style of contadino land ownership which involved several parcels of land scattered around the comune. The following paragraphs 7a and 7b give what little I can understand about Emanuele's two transactions.


7a. On 12 July 1871 Emanuele Azaro, acting in conjunction with Antonio Rebori, bought some property in Casarza for 200 lira paid immediately and a further 800 lira to be paid within 1 year. The property consists mainly of a house on 3 floors called "la casa dei Tarchioni". It was set slightly back from the road which runs to Varese (ie the main road through Casarza), on one side is a road called "della piazza" and on the other is a path which leads to the house. Antonio Rebori bought the land to the west of the house, while Emanuele bought the house with vegetable garden to the east.


7b. On 2 November 1883 there was a more complicated judgement by the tribunal (Yes, I know that this date is after Emanuele's death!). It appears that since about June 1882, Emanuele, in conjunction with Emilia Zinouhiette, had been trying to sell some property in Bargone. However it seems that their right to the property must have been in some way disputed and they needed a judgement of the Tribunal before the sale could go ahead. This document of 2/11/1883 seems to give the necessary judgement, but, since Emanuele was dead by then, maybe the sale still did not go through. (There is no mention that Emanuele has died or of any succession - which is really what I had been hoping to find). The property consists of 3 parts, all in Bargone :

i. A house on two floors worth 400 lira.

ii. A parcel of land used for olives, worth 400 lira.

iii. A parcel of chestnut woodland worth 20 lira.

Now that I think again about it, perhaps the Emanuele Azaro referred to in this judgement is the one born in Bargone in 1844 (see below).


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The following notes are about another 'Azaro' family living in Bargone, one of the frazioni of Casarza. As far as I know they are not connected with my own family, but I have recorded here as much as I know.


There are a number of entries on the Ellis Island web site:


a) A married couple of Angelo and Luigia Azzaro who arrived at Ellis Island together in 1910 both aged 19.

b) A family of 4 sibblings Amelia, Giacinto, Clementina and Elice, with their mother Luigia Luita who arrived variously from 1912 to 1921. This group are all linked by giving their father/husband's name as Emilio Azaro of Bargone.


The records which I have from the Stato Civile are that there were two brothers Domenico b.1866 and Emilio b.1868, both the sons of Giovanni Azaro and Maria Casagrande, and grandsons of Gaetano Azaro. Then Angelo (actually baptised Pietro Angelo) was the son of Domenico, and all the others were the children of Emilio.


Giacinto Azaro is recorded at the Stato Civile as having returned to Italy and died at Castiglione Chiavarese.


Another piece of information about this family comes from Alejandro Azaro in Argentina (email He is the great-grandson of an Emanuelle Azaro who was born 5/5/1844 and whose birth was registered at the church of San Martino di Bargone. This Emanuelle was the son of Bartolomeo (contadino) and Domenica Azaro, and Bartolomeo was the son of Gaetano. He was married in the town of Zarate, Argentina and (I presume) stayed in Argentina for the rest of his life.


There are a few fairly recent burials of Azaro's in the Bargone cemetery but I was told that there are no longer any of the family living in Bargone itself. The nearest is in Bargonasco.

Note on Wife: Teresa STAGNARO

1. I have taken an autosomal DNA test with FamilyTree DNA. The results are also available on GEDmatch. As yet (2017) the only relevant match is one with a lady in Santa Cruz, California who has ancestors named Stagnaro from Riva Trigoso. It is a very weak match, but it could be supporting evidence for the theory that there is a Stagnaro in my ancestry.