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Family of Reuben BAKER and Barbara HARDS

Husband: Reuben BAKER (1847- )
Wife: Barbara HARDS (1846- )
Children: Archie BAKER (1865- )
Minnie BAKER (1869- )
Reuben BAKER (1872- )
Maud BAKER (1872- )
Marriage 1868 Brighton

Husband: Reuben BAKER

Name: Reuben BAKER
Sex: Male
Father: Reuben BAKER (1810- )
Mother: Frances AGATE (1817-1895)
Birth 7 Mar 1847 Epsom, Surrey

Wife: Barbara HARDS

Name: Barbara HARDS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1846 Salisbury

Child 1: Archie BAKER

Name: Archie BAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1865 Brighton

Child 2: Minnie BAKER

Name: Minnie BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1869 Brighton

Child 3: Reuben BAKER

Name: Reuben BAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1872 Camberwell

Child 4: Maud BAKER

Name: Maud BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1872 Deptford

Note on Husband: Reuben BAKER - shared note

1. In the 1881 census Reuben is living at 137 Pomy Street, Deptford St Paul, Kent. His profession is Paperhanger. The details of his family are taken from the Census record.


2. Another of the occupants of this address in 1881 is an Arthur Riggs, Tobacco Pipe Maker, aged 53. He is described as Father-in-law, but his place of birth of Deptford doesn't seem to fit well with Reuben's wife's birthplace of Salisbury.

Note on Wife: Barbara HARDS - shared note

1. Her maiden name might be Riggs, since Reuben Baker is said to have a father-in-law called Arthur Riggs in the 1881 census. (See the notes on Reuben.) However, he looks a bit young, and his place of birth is a bit funny.


2. FreeBMD have a record of the marriage of Reuben Baker in Brighton in 2nd Qtr 1868. One of the candidates is a Barbara Hards. This one is clear favourite because (a) to agree with the 1881 census we want a christian name of Barbara, and (b) it would make her (almost certainly) a sister to Ann Hards who married William Baker. (ie. They were both born in Salisbury). (None of the other candidates has a name anything like Riggs.)