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Family of Baker SPEARPOINT and Elizabeth HAWKES

Husband: Baker SPEARPOINT (1751- )
Wife: Elizabeth HAWKES ( - )
Children: Thomas SPEARPOINT (1774- )
Susannah SPEARPOINT (1776- )
Henery SPEARPOINT (1777- )
Baker SPEARPOINT (1779- )
Elizabeth SPEARPOINT (1780- )
Ann SPEARPOINT (1783- )
Richard SPEARPOINT (1784- )
James SPEARPOINT (1786-1860)
William SPEARPOINT (1788- )
Emptage SPEARPOINT (1790- )
Marriage 4 May 1774 Folkestone

Husband: Baker SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Father: Thomas SPEARPOINT (1722- )
Mother: Susan BOXER (1722-1802)
Birth 15 Feb 1750/51
Christening 15 Feb 1750/51 (age 0) Folkestone

Wife: Elizabeth HAWKES

Name: Elizabeth HAWKES
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas HAWKES (1716-1790)
Mother: Elizabeth LADD (1722-1770)

Child 1: Thomas SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Spouse: An CLARK ( - )
Birth 20 Dec 1774
Christening 20 Dec 1774 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone

Child 2: Susannah SPEARPOINT

Name: Susannah SPEARPOINT
Sex: Female
Birth 28 May 1776
Christening 28 May 1776 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone

Child 3: Henery SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah MATSON (1782-1833)
Birth 28 Jun 1777 Folkestone
Christening 28 Jun 1777 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone

Child 4: Baker SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Spouse: My PUTTEE ( - )
Birth 30 Aug 1779
Christening 30 Aug 1779 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone

Child 5: Elizabeth SPEARPOINT

Name: Elizabeth SPEARPOINT
Sex: Female
Birth 12 Nov 1780
Christening 12 Nov 1780 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone


Sex: Female
Birth 25 Feb 1783
Christening 25 Feb 1783 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone

Child 7: Richard SPEARPOINT

Name: Richard SPEARPOINT
Sex: Male
Birth 8 Aug 1784
Christening 8 Aug 1784 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone

Child 8: James SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane REVELL (1789-1837)
Birth 9 Jul 1786
Death 17 Dec 1860 (age 74) Lyminge
Christening 9 Jul 1786 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone
Burial 21 Dec 1860 Folkestone

Child 9: William SPEARPOINT

Name: William SPEARPOINT
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Mar 1788
Christening 25 Mar 1788 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone

Child 10: Emptage SPEARPOINT

Name: Emptage SPEARPOINT
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Jan 1790
Christening 29 Jan 1790 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone

Note on Husband: Baker SPEARPOINT - shared note



1. Baker and Elizabeth appear to be the first Spearpoints to have left the C-of-E and defected to the Zion Baptist chapel. Maybe this has something to do with the spelling of his name changing to 'Spearpoynt'. Note also that all the IGI entries for their children are shown as 'birth' rather than 'christening'. I have chosen to ignore this and enter the precise dates under 'christening'.

Note on Wife: Elizabeth HAWKES - shared note

1. The IGI entry for her marriage to Baker gives her surname as Hawkes, whereas the christening records of ALL her children use the name Halkes. I don't really think this is a problem, since the christening records aren't in the conventional C-of-E format. The minister at the Zion chapel has reserved a complete page for the whole family so the alternative spelling is only a single occurence rather than a consistent one over many years. Her step mother's will also helps link things together quite adequately.


2. There is a record of the birth of an Elizabeth Hawkes, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth in Covent Garden in 1754. This is in the on-line IGI and is listed in Jenny Johnson's site. Unfortunately, I don't think it is quite good enough. The IGI shows that there were 5 siblings born in Covent Garden to Thomas & Elizabeth Hawkes over the period 1746 - 1754. But there are also two siblings, Mary and Thomas, born to a Thomas & Elizabeth Hawkes in Folkestone in 1754 and 1755. Since the dates overlap they can't really both be the same family. The Mary Hawkes born in Folkestone is a far better age to be subsequently marrying Thomas Gittens in 1774, so I have to prefer the Folkestone family and ignore the Covent Garden records.


3. The problem, of course, is that the Folkestone family don't have a daughter named Elizabeth !!! But note that there is no marriage record for this Thomas and Elizabeth in Folkestone either. So if they were married elsewhere, then quite possibly their first child was born in the same place. Hopefully it will turn up one day.