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Family of William MINYER and Mary LUFF

Husband: William MINYER (1734- )
Wife: Mary LUFF (1736- )
Marriage 26 Jan 1756 Heyshott

Husband: William MINYER

Name: William MINYER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1734

Wife: Mary LUFF

Name: Mary LUFF
Sex: Female
Father: William LUFF (1712-1757)
Mother: Sarah MILES (1712-1788)
Birth 28 Jan 1735/36 Heyshott

Note on Husband: William MINYER - shared note

1. In the record of his marriage to Mary Luff, he is described as William Minyer of St Peter the Great, Chichester. The marriage was by licence, which adds that he was a batchelor, aged 21, woolstapler of Chichester.


2. There is a possible William Myneer born in St Peter the Great, Chichester in 1733, the son of John and Cecily Myneer. This leads us to the marriage of John Myneer to Cecily Faith in Chichester in 1732. So we guess that Cecily may be a relation of the Richard Faith who married Sarah Luff in Heyshott in 1756. Unfortunately there is nothing on the IGI to link them together.

Note on Wife: Mary LUFF - shared note

1. The marriage of Mary Luff to William Minyer was by licence.