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Family of George BAKER and Rebecca SPARSHOTT

Husband: George BAKER (1849-1930)
Wife: Rebecca SPARSHOTT (1851- )
Children: Alice BAKER ( - )
Joseph BAKER (1882- )
Reuben J BAKER (1880- )
Rebecca A BAKER (1873- )
Louisa A BAKER (1875- )
Emma Eliza BAKER (1876- )
Clarissa BAKER (1878- )
Margaret Florence BAKER (1883-1976)
Kit BAKER (1884- )
Kate S BAKER (1887- )
Marriage 18 Oct 1869 Brighton

Husband: George BAKER

Name: George BAKER
Sex: Male
Father: Reuben BAKER (1810- )
Mother: Frances AGATE (1817-1895)
Birth 4 Mar 1849 Epsom, Surrey
Death 1930 (age 80-81)
Census 1881 (age 31-32) 43 Wood Street, Brighton

Wife: Rebecca SPARSHOTT

Name: Rebecca SPARSHOTT
Sex: Female
Father: George SPARSHOTT (1818- )
Mother: Margaret ELLIOTT (1832- )
Birth 23 May 1851 Fort Pitt, St Margarets, Rochester

Child 1: Alice BAKER

Name: Alice BAKER
Sex: Female

Child 2: Joseph BAKER

Name: Joseph BAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1882 Brighton

Child 3: Reuben J BAKER

Name: Reuben J BAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1880 Brighton

Child 4: Rebecca A BAKER

Name: Rebecca A BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1873 Brighton

Child 5: Louisa A BAKER

Name: Louisa A BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1875 Brighton

Child 6: Emma Eliza BAKER

Name: Emma Eliza BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1876 Brighton

Child 7: Clarissa BAKER

Name: Clarissa BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1878 Brighton

Child 8: Margaret Florence BAKER


Margaret Florence BAKER

Name: Margaret Florence BAKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Andrew AZZARO (1878-1953)
Birth 28 Feb 1883 Brighton, Sussex
Death 1976 (age 92-93) Brighton, Sussex

Child 9: Kit BAKER

Name: Kit BAKER
Sex: Unknown
Birth 1884

Child 10: Kate S BAKER

Name: Kate S BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1887

Note on Husband: George BAKER - shared note

1. I have a copy if his birth certificate 4/3/1849 in Epsom. Note that his mother is clearly recorded as Frances Baker, formerly Agate.


2. The 1881 census shows him living at 43 Wood Street, Brighton with his wife and 5 children. His profession is Paperhanger. (NB. In the CD version of the census the family surname is given as 'Bruce'. All the children have middle initials, and Clarissa appears as Caroline.

ie. The children, in order, are given as Rebeca A, Louisa H, Emma E, Caroline R and Reuben J.)


3. The other three children, Alice, Joe and Kit, have been drawn into a family tree by Mum. I haven't a clue where she got them from.


4. In 1883 he was still at 43 Wood Street, where Margaret was born. Her bith certificate gives his profession as Paperhanger Journeyman.

He was still a paperhanger at the time of his daughter Margaret's marriage in 1912.


5. I have a copy of his marriage certificate for his marriage to Rebecca Sparshott in 1869. At the time of his marriage they lived at 51 Elm Gore, Brighton and his profession is still that of Paperhanger.


6. Note the record of his birth in the on-line IGI Film No. 6142791. This gives his mother as Mrs Alice Frances Baker. See the notes on Frances Agate for the full works on this one.


7. In the 1901 census he is living at 20 Gladstone Place with his second wife Eliza and four children - Joseph and Kate from his first marriage, plus George and Frances from his second marriage. This doesn't match up very well with the list of children which Mum left.

He is a self-employed paper hanger.


8. I have checked the National Probate Index for 1930/31 - no entry found.

Note on Wife: Rebecca SPARSHOTT - shared note

1. Her birth certificate says that she was born at Fort Pitt, St Margarets, Rochester while her father was stationed at Chatham Barracks.