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Family of Edward PETTIT and Sarah SPEARPOINT

Husband: Edward PETTIT (1807-1856)
Wife: Sarah SPEARPOINT (1804-1864)
Children: Elizabeth Jane PETTIT (1826- )
Eleanor Boxer PETTIT (1826- )
Henry Spearpoint PETTIT (1831-1915)
Edward PETTIT (1833- )
Susannah May PETTIT (1834- )
Alice Spearpoint PETTIT (1836-1895)
George PETTIT (1838- )
Richard May PETTIT (1840- )
Francis PETTIT (1842-1907)
William Milton PETTIT (1845- )
James PETTIT (1848- )
Marriage 11 Apr 1826 Folkestone, Kent

Husband: Edward PETTIT

Name: Edward PETTIT
Sex: Male
Father: Edward PETTIT (1773- )
Mother: Elizabeth MAY ( -1861)
Birth 11 Jan 1807 St Charles the Martyr, Plymouth
Death 13 Jan 1856 (age 49) Folkestone


Sex: Female
Father: Henery SPEARPOINT (1777- )
Mother: Sarah MATSON (1782-1833)
Birth 1804 Folkestone
Death 1864 (age 59-60) North Street, Folkestone
Christening 29 Jul 1804 (age 0) Zion Chapel, Folkestone

Child 1: Elizabeth Jane PETTIT

Name: Elizabeth Jane PETTIT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Banks PEGDEN ( - )
Birth 1826
Christening 6 Dec 1826 (age 0) Folkestone

Child 2: Eleanor Boxer PETTIT

Name: Eleanor Boxer PETTIT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Magee WILKINSON ( - )
Birth 1826
Christening 6 Dec 1826 (age 0) Folkestone

Child 3: Henry Spearpoint PETTIT

Name: Henry Spearpoint PETTIT
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Charlotte SCUTT (1832- )
Spouse 2: Annie HALL (1846- )
Birth 1831 Folkestone
Death 1915 (age 83-84)
Census 1881 (age 49-50) 10 Little John St., Bermondsey
Christening 23 Feb 1831 (age 0) Folkestone

Child 4: Edward PETTIT

Name: Edward PETTIT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice WARMAN ( - )
Birth 1833
Christening 25 Dec 1804 (age -30--29 (!)) Folkestone

Child 5: Susannah May PETTIT

Name: Susannah May PETTIT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick GROTA ( - )
Birth 1834
Christening 3 Dec 1834 (age 0) Folkestone

Child 6: Alice Spearpoint PETTIT

Name: Alice Spearpoint PETTIT
Sex: Female
Spouse: David STONE (1832- )
Birth 9 Nov 1836 Folkestone
Death 2 Jul 1895 (age 58) Rochford Union Workhouse, Essex
Christening 9 Nov 1836 (age 0) Folkestone

Child 7: George PETTIT

Name: George PETTIT
Sex: Male
Birth 1838
Christening 26 Aug 1838 (age 0) Folkestone

Child 8: Richard May PETTIT

Name: Richard May PETTIT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma Maria FINCH (1850- )
Birth 25 Nov 1840 Lydd, Kent
Christening 25 Nov 1840 (age 0) Folkestone

Child 9: Francis PETTIT

Name: Francis PETTIT
Sex: Male
Birth 1842 Folkestone
Death 1907 (age 64-65)
Burial 1907 Greenbank cemetery, Clifton, Bristol

Child 10: William Milton PETTIT

Name: William Milton PETTIT
Sex: Male
Birth 1845

Child 11: James PETTIT

Name: James PETTIT
Sex: Male
Birth 1848

Note on Husband: Edward PETTIT - shared note

1. Edward Pettit died in 1856 and his age was given then as 49. (Sorry - he was away from home in the 1851 census, so that gives us neither his age nor his place of birth.) There is also no record of him or any of his family in the 1841 census in Folkestone. But we know that his son Richard was born in Lydd around this time, so presumably the whole family had moved away for a while.


2. Edward Pettit was a Coastguard and his service record (extracted by Yolande Dunn) is as follows :


ADM 175/78 Register of Nominations for Appointments - 1833.

This says he was born in Plymouth and his wife born in Folkstone.


ADM 175/6 Establishment Book

Folkstone Feb 1833-May 1834 (2 entries) orinially as a boatman.

There was a proposed move to Dungeness in April 1834 but this was cancelled owing to promotion at Folkestone in May 1834.

From 1834 he was a commissioned boatman.

Moved from Folkestone to No 2 Battery, Dungeness Dec 1838-June 1842

June 1842 moved from Dungeness to Shorne Cliffe station, Dover port, Folkestone district.


ADM 175/7 Establishment Book

Sandgate Jun 1843-Apr 1849

Lydd Apr 1849-July 1850

Preston, Weymouth July 1850-July 1853

Langley Fort, Rye July 1853-Dec 1853 (the move to Langley was at his request)

Enchantress Dec 1853 (he is now a Chiefboatman) stationed at Rye port. He appears to be on detatchment with the DWARF watch vessel which has a crew of 7.

Death 13.1.1856


Eileen Stage notes that Mrs Pettit is not mentioned among the Widows' pension records.


3. Janet Penfold has found him in the 1851 census in Weymouth. He is living in Preston aged 44, described as head of household (but family not with him) chief boatman born in Plymouth.


4. His seaman's ticket was issued in 8145 (Reference 241,352 BT 113/121). The details contained in it (information from Eileen Stage) are:

Edward Pettit born Plymouth Devon 28/12/1806

Capacity : boatman

Height 5' 10", Complexion fair, Hair brown, Eyes grey, Marks none.

First went to sea a boy 1818

Served in Royal Navy : No

Been in foreign service ie. American, French merchant service : No

When unemployed resides Kent

Ticket issued Dover 26 June 1845

Age when ticketed 39

Can write : yes

CG commissioned boatman: Shorne Cliffe station, Folkestone district, Dover


5. There is a record of the birth of an Edward Pettit on January 11, 1807 in the parish of St Charles the Martyr, Plymouth. Parents are Edward and Elizabeth Pettit. The Plymouth parish of East Stonehouse has not been searched, but most of the surrounding ones are on the on-line IGI and show no trace of him. I think that I am happy to take the 1807 record as the right one.


6. Note that I have searched the Devon FHS index of marriages for anyone who might be Edward's parents. Whoever they are, they certainly weren't married in Devon.


7. This obviously leads us back to Folkestone, where Edward Pettit and Elizabeth May (m.1805) are eminently suitable candidates for his parents. This is all the more suitable given that three of Edward's children have the middle name of 'May'. I think that I have to pencil these in fairly firmly.


8. The middle names of the children are very interesting ie. Spearpoint, May, Boxer and Milton. Spearpoint is obvious and comes from his wife's maiden name. As yet I have no clues whatever about Milton. The Boxer bit could have come from the Eliz Boxer who married a Tho Pettit in 1748 or the Sus Boxer who married Tho Spearpoint in 1744. Unfortunately both seem a little distant - it would be nice to find someone closer. Note that Edward Pettit (snr) was a widower at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth May. As yet, I have found no trace of his first marriage; was there a Boxer connection here ?

Note on Wife: Sarah SPEARPOINT - shared note

1. The IGI on-line index has two records of christenings of 'Sarah Spearpoint' who are both good candidates for the wife of Edward Pettit. One was christened at the Zion Chapel, Folkestone in 1804, and the other at St Mary the Virgin, Dover in 1803. The Folkestone entry has to be chosen owing to the information in the 1851 (or was it 1861 census ?). Here she says that she was born in Folkstone (although her age would obviously allow either candidate). We can be confident that the ennumerator was not just writing down 'Folkestone' without thinking or asking because a couple of her children have their place of birth as Lydd.


2. Note that this census entry also tells us that her next door neighbour was a William Spearpoint, and it looks as though he is her first cousin.


3. In 1861 Sarah Spearpoint was living at the Royal Oak pub in North Street. A photograph of this pub taken in 1910 (was it ?) survives in a book of 'Victorian and Edwardian photographs of Folkestone'.


4. I have a copy of her death certificate. She died July 6, 1864 in North Street, Folkestone. The cause of death is 'Aneurism of Aorta'.