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Family of George SPARSHOTT and Margaret ELLIOTT

Husband: George SPARSHOTT (1818- )
Wife: Margaret ELLIOTT (1832- )
Children: Sarah Jane SPARSHOTT (1850- )
Rebecca SPARSHOTT (1851- )
Joseph SPARSHOTT (1853- )
Marriage 3 Apr 1849 Chatham parish church

Husband: George SPARSHOTT

Name: George SPARSHOTT
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph SPARSHOTT ( - )
Mother: Sarah HINCH ( - )
Birth 1818 St Pancras, Chichester, Sussex
Census 1881 (age 62-63) The Prince Arthur, Little London, Chichester

Wife: Margaret ELLIOTT

Name: Margaret ELLIOTT
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph ELLIOTT ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1832 Manchester, Lancs

Child 1: Sarah Jane SPARSHOTT

Name: Sarah Jane SPARSHOTT
Sex: Female
Birth 1850 Medway, Kent

Child 2: Rebecca SPARSHOTT

Name: Rebecca SPARSHOTT
Sex: Female
Spouse: George BAKER (1849-1930)
Birth 23 May 1851 Fort Pitt, St Margarets, Rochester

Child 3: Joseph SPARSHOTT

Name: Joseph SPARSHOTT
Sex: Male
Birth 1853 Chatham, Kent

Note on Husband: George SPARSHOTT - shared note

1. At the time of his marriage to Margaret Elliott he is a Corporal in the 29th Regiment, living at Chatham Barracks. He is already a widower. His marriage certificate gives his father's name as Joseph, who is a labourer.


2. In the 1851 census, he and Margaret are still at Chatham Barracks, apparently with no children. George says that he is aged 31 and that he was born in Rumbleswick, Sussex.


3. The birth certificate of Rebecca gives her father's profession as Serjeant of the 29th foot. He was stationed at Chatham Barracks at the time.


4. In the 1861 census he gives his age as 42 and is living in St Pancras Street, Chichester with his wife and two children, Joseph (7) and Rebecca (9). He gives his occupation as Chelsea Pensioner and Staff Sergeant of the Royal Sussex Militia. His wife Margaret is aged 29 and gives her place of birth as Manchester. [Note that the WSRO has card indexes of th 1841, 61, 71 and 91 censuses for the districts of Chichester and Westhampnett. Between them these cover everywhere surrounding Chichester. There is no record of George Sparshott or any of his family in 1871 or 1891. For 1841 see the notes on his mother Sarah. ]


5. At the time of the marriage of his daughter Rebecca (1869) his profession is 'Beer Retailer'.


6. In the 1881 Census we have a George Sparshott, aged 65, married to Margaret in Chichester, Sussex. His profession is 'Beer House Keeper, late Serjeant of the 29th foot'. This is a bit too good to be a coincidence, even if his age has slipped a little. His address in 1881 was Little London, The Prince Arthur, Chichester St Andrew and he says that he was born in Chichester.


7. There is George Sparshott born in St. Pancras, Chichester in 1818, the son of Joseph (=Labourer) and Sarah. The age could just as well fit the Westhampnett G.S. (see note 10), but since the father's name and the place of birth fit our George, I think that I have to take it as the right one. Unfortunately, I can find no siblings, and no record of the marriage of his parents, in the same parish. [ Note that, in the 1851 census, and when joining the army, George said that he came from Rumboldwyke. But all the baptismal and marriage registers for this parish are on-line in the IGI, and I can find no useful Sparshotts there whatever.]


8. Just for the record, I searched fairly widely for the birth George Sparshott before finding the above record. Obviously he isn't in the on-line IGI, but for Chichester this seems to stop at 1812. I tried searching those parish registers which are available at Worthing Library for his birth. My search covered the period 1813 - 1820 and included the Chichester parishes of The Close, St Barts, St Andrew, St Olave, St Peter the Great and St Peter the Less. (Worthing had no records for St Pancras, St Martins or All Saints). I also checked the adjoining parishes of East Lavant, Oving, Rumboldwswyke, Mid Lavant, New Fishbourne, Appledram, Donnington and Funtingdon (There were no records for Westhampnett or North Mundham). I have since obtained transcripts of the Chichester registers for St Martin and St Pancras from the Parish Register Transcription Society, and the only suitable record is that in Note 6 above. The only Chichester parish which I have not searched is All Saints.


9. I have a copy of the Army service record of George Sparshott. The details are as follows :


George Sparshott born Rambles Wick, Chichester, Sussex, Labourer

Attested 29.4.1838 to 29th Foot at Plymouth, Devon aged 19


Served 4 years East Indies

Served 16 years England

Completing 21 years service

Conduct good and was in possession of 1 Good Conduct Badge on promotion to Sergeant


He has been once tried by Garrison Court Martial


Discharged at his own request August 1860 aged 40 years

Hazel eyes, brown hair, sallow complexion height 5'7''


10. Note that the 1881 Census has another George Sparshott, aged 63, living in Westhampnett. He gives his place of birth as Aldingbourne. (He is a widower in 1881, so there must be some chance of tracking him down if things get too confusing.) FreeBMD has two entries for George Sparshott's who died in 1st Qtr 1883 in Westhampnett aged 65. Is this a duplication ? Or are they both real entries ? (Checked the PRO index - yes there really are two separate entries.) On the assumption that he died in 1883 I checked the National Probate Index for 1883/4 - nothing found.


11. The IGI has a marriage of George Spurshott to Catherine Martlew in Boxgrove in 1843. Could this be a candidate for his first marriage ? Note that a couple named George & Catherine Sparshott were raising a family in Tangmere with children born 1844 - 1850 (again, according to the IGI). The last of this family is John Sparshott b. 17/11/1850 which is too late for him to be part of George's first family. Maybe this is the Westhampnett George ?

Note on Wife: Margaret ELLIOTT - shared note

1. At the time of her marriage she is is living at Chatham Barracks, and her father's name is given as Joseph Elliott


2. In the 1851 census, she is living with her husband George at Chatham Barracks. She gives her age as 19, and her place of birth as Manchester, Lancs.


3. In the 1861 census she is with her husband and two children in St Pancras Street, Chichester. She gives her age as 29 and her place of birth as Manchester, Lancs.


4. In the 1881 Census she says that she is aged 49 and born in Weedon, Northants. (This could be either Weedon Bec of Weedon Lois - of these Weedon Bec is significantly larger - both then and now. I have searched the relevant Northampton parish registers of baptisms without success, but I see that both Weedons have some non-conformist registers which I have not checked. The parishes I have searched (all dates inclusive) are : Weeden Lois (1827-1837), Weedon Bec (1828-1837), Daventry (1830-1833), and the following which are all the parishes surrounding Weedon Bec - Flore, Dodford, Newnham, Everdon, Farthingstone, Stowe Nine Churches, Heyford (all 1827-1836). Daventry, Weedon Bec and Flore each have one family of Elliotts, but none with a father named Joseph. There is an Elliott family in Flore who have the 'place' column of the register filled in as Weedon. ] NB. There was a large barracks at Weedon Bec, so maybe it is more likely that her father had been stationed there at some time.


5. If we take the Manchester birth place as the right one, then the IGI has a possible candidate born on March 16 1932, the daughter of Joseph and Phebe, in Bolton le Moors (which is the modern Bolton). Is it likely that a northerner would describe Bolton as 'Manchester' when living in the south ?


6. In 1889, aged 56, she married Walter Payne a widower of the same age in Westhampnett. (So clearly George Sparshott had died before then.) At this time she gives her father's profession as 'Segeant in Army' (although he is, of course, deceased). In the marriage certificate they both give their address as Bottle Lane, Portfield (which is just out of Chichester on the Eastern side). Neither of them could sign their name. Slightly surprisingly there is no trace either of Walter or Margaret Payne in Sussex in the 1901 census.