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Family of Emmanuelle AZARO and Ursula MAY

Husband: Emmanuelle AZARO (1840-1916)
Wife: Ursula MAY (1849-1921)
Children: Theresa AZZARO (1871-1957)
Ersler AZZARO (1872- )
Maria AZZARO (1874- )
Norah AZZARO (1874-1874)
Emmanuel AZZARO (1875-1876)
Antonio AZZARO (1877-1943)
Andrew AZZARO (1878-1953)
Emmanuel AZZARO (1880-1880)
Josephine Emily AZZARO (1881-1909)
Rose AZZARO (1884-1954)
Matilda AZZARO (1888-1889)
Clara AZZARO (1889-1973)
Marriage 27 Jan 1874 Holy Trinity Church, Windsor

Husband: Emmanuelle AZARO


Emmanuelle AZARO


Emmanuelle AZARO, Emanuele as Altar assistant


Emmanuelle AZARO

Name: Emmanuelle AZARO
Sex: Male
Father: Emmanuelle AZARO (1817-1883)
Mother: Teresa STAGNARO (1819- )
Birth 5 Oct 1840 Casarza Ligure, Italy
Death 27 May 1916 (age 75) Brighton, Sussex
Census 1891 (age 50-51) Living at Chesterfield St, Brighton
Burial Brighton Cemetery

Wife: Ursula MAY


Ursula MAY


Ursula MAY

Name: Ursula MAY
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas MAY (1808- )
Mother: Ellen SMITH (1808- )
Birth 28 Oct 1849 Leicester
Death 26 Nov 1921 (age 72) Brighton, Sussex
Burial Brighton Cemetery

Child 1: Theresa AZZARO


Theresa AZZARO

Name: Theresa AZZARO
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Philip HEALEY (1859-1903)
Spouse 2: George William FUDGER (1875-1964)
Birth 29 Sep 1871 Windsor
Death 29 Oct 1957 (age 86) Western Australia

Child 2: Ersler AZZARO

Name: Ersler AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 2 Dec 1872 Windsor

Child 3: Maria AZZARO

Name: Maria AZZARO
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Dominic PODESTA (1861- )
Spouse 2: Joseph Patrick DONEGAN (1868-1945)
Birth 1874 Windsor

Child 4: Norah AZZARO

Name: Norah AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth Dec 1874 Windsor
Death 1874 (age 0) Windsor

Child 5: Emmanuel AZZARO

Name: Emmanuel AZZARO
Sex: Male
Birth Dec 1875 Windsor
Death 1876 (age 0-1) Windsor

Child 6: Antonio AZZARO


Antonio AZZARO, Antonio Azzaro

Name: Antonio AZZARO
Sex: Male
Spouse: Louisa Jane GARBUTT (1877-1936)
Birth Mar 1877 Brighton
Death Jun 1943 (age 66) Brighton

Child 7: Andrew AZZARO


Andrew AZZARO, AndrewAzzaro (2)

Name: Andrew AZZARO
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Florence BAKER (1883-1976)
Birth 2 Dec 1878 Windsor, Berks
Death 1953 (age 74-75) Brighton, Sussex
Occupation -

Child 8: Emmanuel AZZARO

Name: Emmanuel AZZARO
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Aug 1880 20 West Street, Portsea
Death 1880 (age 0) Portsea

Child 9: Josephine Emily AZZARO

Name: Josephine Emily AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 18 Nov 1881 20 West Street, Portsea
Death 12 Dec 1909 (age 28) Brighton
Burial Shared tombstone with parents in Brighton Cemetery

Child 10: Rose AZZARO



Name: Rose AZZARO
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard SAUNDERS (1882-1914)
Birth Mar 1884 Brighton
Death Feb 1954 (age 69) Brighton

Child 11: Matilda AZZARO

Name: Matilda AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 1888 Brighton
Death 1889 (age 0-1) Brighton

Child 12: Clara AZZARO



Name: Clara AZZARO
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: John Henry JEFFERY (1889-1917)
Spouse 2: Ernest Roland GOLDSMITH (1883- )
Birth 30 Nov 1889 St Peter, Brighton
Death 1973 (age 83-84) Brighton

Note on Husband: Emmanuelle AZARO - shared note

1. The family all believe that he was born somewhere in Northern Italy. Aunt Madge had clearly been shown on a map where he came from, and knew that it was somewhere around the Ligurian coast, but didn't know where. She believed that the name of the place "had sounded a bit like Azzaro". Independant information from Rita Coe on Antonio's side is that he came from Sestri Levante. In the Italian telephone directory as available on the net there are only 5 Azzaros in Genoa, and hardly any others in the whole of Liguria. But there is quite a little bunch of them near Sestri Lavante, and a larger number with the surname Azaro in Sestri Levante itself. For this reason I asked Paola Darcangelo, a researcher based in Genoa, to search for any trace of Emanuele in Sestri Levante. Paola began by searching the churches of S. Antonio, S. Maria di Nazareth and S. Bartolomeo in the centre of Sestri Levante, then moved on to San Bernardo delle Cascine, Villa Loto and S. Vittoria di Libiola. Finally she found him in Casarza Ligure. (And I can just believe that 'Casarza' can be said to sound a bit like 'Azzaro'!)


2. The end result is that Paola has found the birth of Emmanelle Azaro on October 5, 1840, the son of Emmanuelle Azaro, at the church of San Michele in Casarza Ligure (which is a village just outside Sestri Levante). The date ties up with his age as given by the 1891 and 1901 censuses, and the name of his father matches that given by his marriage certificate.


3. A degree of confirmation is also given by the fact that, if this is correct record of his birth, then his mother's name is Teresa and his paternal grandmother's name is Maria. These were the two names given to his two eldest daughters which is the 'standard' Italian naming pattern. Italians have told me that this amounts to strong evidence that I am on the right track.


4. There is the question of whether Azaro can really turn into Azzaro. One answer is that it did so on the baptism certificate of his younger brother Andrea, whose surname was put down as Azzaro. Evidently a new parish priest had arrived in Casarza (as seen by different handwriting on the baptism records) and he clearly never troubled to check the correct spelling. When Emanuele's brother Antonio went to Argentina his name also changed to Azzaro. Since neither of the brothers could read or write this is hardly surprising.


5. The earliest evidence of Emanuele being in England appears to be the birth of his 'aknowledged daughter' Theresa who was born in Windsor in 1871. Her birth certificate gives his profession as 'Itinerant musician' and the address of Emanuel and Ersler as 5 Beer Lane, Windsor.


6 Next comes the birth of Ersler Azzar in Windsor in December 1872. In this case the mother is down (also) as Ersler Azzar, formerly May, although they wern't married until a year later. On this birth certificate Emanuel's occupation is given as Coalmerchant's labourer. The mother's address was 6 Beer Lane, Clewer (or New Windsor ?).


7. Note that the earliest 4 references to Emmanuel's family give the surname as 'Azzar'. These are the birth of Ersler, his marriage, and the birth/death of Norah. After that the name is invariably 'Azzaro'. This raises the problem that Azzar isn't even an Italian name; the most references to it that I have found are in the Lebanon ! Remember, of course, that neither Emmanuel nor his wife could read or write. My theory is that perhaps he had some document with his name written on it which he took along for 'official' purposes. Maybe on this document the 'o' wasn't very clear - but that it was some years before he realised that anything was wrong.


8. He was married to Ursula May in Windsor on January 27, 1874. Both gave their address as Garden Court, Beer Lane. Emanuel is a batchelor and his occupation is Coal Porter. His father is given as Emmanuel Azzar whose profession is 'Marine Store Dealer'. (Note that his other 'acknowledged daughter', Maria, also appears to have been born around 1874.)


9. By 1878 he was living at 6 Red Lion Row, Clewer, Windsor. His first two children were born in Windsor, then one in Brighton, then the fourth back in Windsor again.


10. In 1880/81 he appeared to be living at 20 West Street, Portsea where the 5th and 6th children Emmanuel (2nd) and Josephine Emily were born. On both of these birth certificates his profession is recorded as Street Musician. So he ought to be in Portsea at the time of the 1881 census, but I really can't find any trace of him in the LDS transcript of the census on CD. (Garry Gascoigne has also done a thorough search of every house in West Street in the census with no more success.)


11. All subsequent children were born in Brighton, Sussex, where he presumably lived for the remainder of his life. In addition to the children listed in the database, FreeBMD shows the death of two others : Catherine Azzaro died (age 0) 2nd Qtr 1887, and Francis Azzaro died (age 1) in 3rd Qtr 1887.


12. The 1891 census shows Emanuel living at Nos. 7, 8 and 9 Chesterfield Street, Brighton. These formed a Licensed Lodging House and his profession is given as 'Lodging House Keeper'. Note that in 1886 he bought Nos. 6 and 7 Chesterfield Street for £140 and he appears to have kept them until 1894 when he sold them to Brighton Borough Council (possibly because they were included in a slum clearance programme?). The plot containing these two properties together only measured 24 ft by 25ft 6in. The 1891 census shows a total of 20 lodgers in Nos.7/8/9 plus Emanuel and Ursula Azzaro with their daughter Clara. There is an unrelated couple living alone in No.6. Curiously, Emanuel's 4 other children - Anthony, Andrew, Emily and Rose - are living with a servant at No. 14 Chesterfield Street. The East Sussex Record Office has a large amount of correspondence (which came from Brundrett's solicitors) regarding Emanuel's purchase of this property. It shows that complications arose because the vendor's title to the property was distinctly dodgy. At the time Emanuel was living at 53 Chesterfield Street and gave his profession as Hawker.


13. The family story is that he came to England after the unification of Italy in 1860, having served with Garibaldi. (Rita Coe says that he was Garibaldi's batman !) The only tangible oral "evidence" is that he is reported to have applied for a pension which was subsequently made available to the ex-Garibaldini. He did not obtain his pension since he had no proof; but my father certainly believed the story and that the application had been made in good faith.


There is an 'official' list readily available on the internet of the original 1000 of Garibaldi's volunteers who landed at Marsala - he certainly wasn't one of those. There is now a larger list of abour 35,000 names ( Go to ] and he isn't there either. However the total size of Garibaldi's army is thought to have reached 40,000 or even 50,000 in total, so the list still isn't complete. Given the irregular volunteer nature of the army, and that, once the fighting was over, most had little choice but to go back home, it seems likely that no written record will ever be found for many of them.


June's information (again presumably via Grandad Gary) is that he claimed to have marched down the length of Italy to join Garibaldi and marched all the way back again. This isn't very promising. The history books seem to say that Garibaldi's first party and all subsequent re-inforcements from the north all went by ship. However, his entry in the Lista di Leva marks him as 'Renitente' which means that he failed to present himself for military service - so he certainly wasn't in the official Piedmontese army at the time.


Another pointer to the Garibaldi story is that his son Andrew was always known as 'Gary' reputedly because of the Garibaldi connection. It seems this name may also have applied to others in the family - see Andrew William Azzaro, son of Antonio, who changed his name by deed-poll to 'Gary'. Now Brighton had a fairly large immigrant Italian community, and someone probably would have known whether the story was true or not. Would the name have stuck if the story wasn't true?


14. He shares a tombstone with his wife Ursula and daughter Emily (nb. christened Josephine Emily) in Brighton extra-mural cemetery. The plot was purchased for the burial of Emily in 1909. [ June says that there is also a Bridget Casey who died in 1868 in the same plot. Surely there can't be any connection ? ]


15. He made a will on 22nd August 1900, at which time he lived at 17 John Street, Brighton. His estate was valued at £1535 6s 5d when he died in 1916. Note that in the will he describes himself as a 'Confectioner' which probably relates to his ice cream business. One family story is that he was the first ice cream seller in Brighton. The will is as follows :


THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me Emanuel Azzaro of 17 John Street Brighton in the County of Sussex Confectioner I appoint Percy John Inskip of 36 High Street Brighton aforesaid Draper and William James Mobsby of Ditchling Road Brighton aforesaid Solicitors Clerk (hereinafter called my said Trustees) EXECUTORS AND TRUSTEES of this my Will And I give and bequeath to each of my said Trustees who shall act in the trusts of my will the legacy or sum of Twenty five pounds free of legacy duty I bequeath to my dear wife Ursula absolutely all household furniture plate plated goods linen china glass books pictures prints and other effects of the like nature which shall be in and about my dwellinghouse in my occupation at the time of my decease I give devise and bequeath all my real estate and the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate unto and to the use of my said Trustees Upon trust that my said Trustees shall hold the same and receive the rents issues and profits thereof and manage and control the same and pay the income arising therefrom unto my said wife during her widowhood And from and immediately afther the decease or marriage again of my said wife Upon trust that my said Trustees shall convey my freehold house No 17 John Street Brighton aforesaid to my daughter Clara And I direct that if my said daughter Clara shall die under the age of twenty one years then the freehold house devised to her shall fall into and form part of my residuary estate And upon further trust after the decease or marriage again of my said wife whichever shall first happen to sell call in and convert into money such parts of my residuary estate (with the exception of the messuage hereinbefore specifically devised if my said daughter Clara attains the age of twenty one years) as shall not consist of money And with and out of the monies produced by such sale calling in and conversion pay all legacy and succession duties And to hold the net residue Upon trust to divide the same unto and equally between such of the following five persons namely my reputed daughters Teresa and Maria my daughters Clara and Rose and my son Andrew as shall survive me Provided always that if any of the above named Beneficiaries shall die in my lifetime leaving issue who shall survive me such issue shall take (and if more than one equally between them) the share which his her or their parent would have taken if he or she had survived me Provided also that my said Trustees may at any time or times at their discretion pay or apply any part or the whole of the share of any of the above named beneficiaries (who may be under age) or the income arising therefrom for his her or their maintenance education advancement or benefit in such manner as my said Trustees shall think fit And hereby revoking all Wills by me at any time heretofore made I declare this only to be my last IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand this twenty second day of August one thousand ninehundred <E Azzaro> Signed by the said Emanuel Azzaro as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses ARTHUR W BALL FREDK DENNIS Clerks to A C Wooley and Bevis Solicitors Brighton


On the 2nd day of August 1916 Probate of this will was granted to Percy John Inskip and William James Mobsby the Executors.


16. In the 1901 census he is living at 17 John Street and described as a Lodging House Keeper, working on his own account. The household consists of himself and his wife, three children (Andrew, Rose and Clara), plus four lodgers.


17. In the 1911 census he is still at 17 John Street and describes himself as of 'Private Means' but he still has 4 lodgers. As regards his family there is his wife, one son Andrew, and one grandson Harry Fudger, aged 10. (But curiously, Harry Fudger is also listed as living with his mother in Fulham.)


18. I ought to record a problem in the church registers in Casarza Ligure which include a record that on 14/11/1904 a guy named Emanuele Azaro, the son of Emanuele Azaro and Teresa Stagnaro died aged 61 in Riva Trigoso. Obviously the age isn't quite right, but apart from that, surely this is proof that I am on the wrong track ? Fortunately the same death is recorded in the civil registry, but there it is listed as Antonio Azaro. The age of 61 corresponds to that of Emanuele's younger brother Antonio, and I know that Antonio died 'fairly young leaving a young family', so his death was quite possibly about this time. All in all, I am quite happy to assume that this record of the death of Emanuele is a red herring, and it is really the death of Antonio. It seems reasonable to assume Antonio also had the 'sopranome' of Emanuele - given that both his father and grandfather bore that name.


19. Information from Uncle Tony (via his daughter Rosie) is that Emanuele came to England first at an early age and then went back to Italy to fight 'in some war or other'. Cousin June always had a theory (which must have come from Aunt Madge) that Emanuele had a brother who had emigrated to Argentina. At least this one has been substantiated - See the records for Antonio and Giuseppe. June also believed that Emanuele had first emigrated to Argentina before coming to England. (No supporting evidence yet found).

Note on Wife: Ursula MAY - shared note

1. Her name appeared on the marriage certificate as Ersler May, but was Ursula on her tombstone.


2. She shares a tombstone with her husband Emanuele and daughter Emily in Brighton Cemetery.


3. In the 1891 census she gives her age as 46 and place of birth as Leicester. Her name is down as Urslor in this case.


4. Ursula is aged 57 in the 1901 census, and her place of birth is again given as Leicester. In the 1911 census her age is given as 68; place of birth still Leicester.


5. Garry Gascoigne has finally tracked down a possibility in Bedford Street, parish of St Margaret, Leicester in the 1851 census, where there is a Harsulah aged 17 months, the daughter of Thomas and Ellen May. (If you imagine Ursula pronounced with a broad Irish accent, then maybe you get something like Harsulah.)


6. The only birth in Leicester which might correspond to this entry in the 1851 census is for someone indexed as Esther May born 4th Qtr 1849. It turns our that the parents are Thomas and Ellen May, which suggests we are on the right track. Here the first name seems to be written as Estler. The entry was registered by the mother, who could not write, so this was the best that the registrar could make of her pronunciation. The birth was on 28th October 1849 at 18 Dunkirk St, St Margaret, Leicester.


7. In the 1861 census Ellen May (her mother) and Esler May, aged 12, are living in Much Park St, parish of St Michael, Coventry. With them Is Mary Ann Marsh, a sister of Ersler, and her children. They are all listed as lodgers in a large lodging house.


8. Just to summarise the state of play. We are looking for someone variously called Ursula or Ersler, the daughter of a Thomas May, and born (ideally) around 1845 in Leicester. We have found someone who fits most of that, except that the date of birth is a few year later than we would really like. The difference between her name in the 1851 census and all the other references suggests that she really was known as both Ursula and Ersler, depending who you listened to. Unfortunately, as yet there is nothing to provide a definitive link between the Estler born in Leicester and the Ersler who turns up in Windsor.


9. I have searched the parish of Clewer for her (and for that matter for Emanuel Azzaro) in the 1871 census - but no sign of either.