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Family of William WALDEN and Elizabeth SIMMONDS

Husband: William WALDEN (1803- )
Wife: Elizabeth SIMMONDS (1802- )
Children: Emma WALDEN (1830- )
Elizabeth WALDEN (1832- )
Elizabeth WALDEN (1834-1870)
William WALDEN (1836- )
Mary WALDEN (1838- )
Sarah WALDEN (1840-1884)
Ann WALDEN (1846- )
Marriage 3 Mar 1830 Merrow, Surrey

Husband: William WALDEN

Name: William WALDEN
Sex: Male
Father: Richard WALDEN (1776-1814)
Mother: Amelia FROST (1775-1807)
Birth 1 Jan 1803 Worplesden or maybe Ash

Wife: Elizabeth SIMMONDS

Name: Elizabeth SIMMONDS
Sex: Female
Father: John SIMMONDS (bur.1834)
Mother: Sarah BALDWIN (b.1767, bur.1827)
Birth 28 Feb 1802 Pirbright

Child 1: Emma WALDEN

Name: Emma WALDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Jun 1830 Merrow, Surrey

Child 2: Elizabeth WALDEN

Name: Elizabeth WALDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 4 Mar 1832 Merrow, Surrey

Child 3: Elizabeth WALDEN

Name: Elizabeth WALDEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Mark HARRIS (1836-1904)
Birth 12 Jan 1834 Merrow, Surrey
Death 28 Aug 1870 (age 36)
Burial Nunhead Cemetary

Child 4: William WALDEN

Name: William WALDEN
Sex: Male
Birth 14 Feb 1836

Child 5: Mary WALDEN

Name: Mary WALDEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Alfred BLAKE ( - )
Birth 12 Aug 1838 East Clandon, Surrey

Child 6: Sarah WALDEN

Name: Sarah WALDEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Mark HARRIS (1836-1904)
Birth 16 Jan 1840 East Clandon, Surrey
Birth 1840
Death 16 Feb 1884 (age 44)
Burial 1884 Nunhead Cemetary

Child 7: Ann WALDEN

Name: Ann WALDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Dec 1846 East Clandon, Surrey

Note on Husband: William WALDEN - shared note

1. The marriage certificate of his daughter Elizabeth gives his profession which may be 'Carman'.


2. In the 1851 census (I have only seen the index so far) he is living in East Clandon with his wife and 4 children William, Mary, Sarah and Ann. Evidently Elizabeth has already left home. As in 1881, he gives his place of birth as Worplesdon. He gives his age as 51.


3. In the 1861 census William Walden, aged 60, a carter, is living in East Clandon with his wife Elizabeth aged 61. Their places of birth are given as Worplesdon and Pirbright respectively. The only other member of the household is a lodger, Henry Newman.


4. In the 1881 Census there is an 80-year old William Walden living on his own at 34 Clandon Street, East Clandon. He was born in Worplesdon, Surrey and gives his occupation as Agricultural Labourer. An additional reason for thinking that he is the right guy is that he is living next door to a Mary Blake, and this may well be his daughter Mary - see the notes on Mary Walden.


5. I have the Surrey FHS microfiche of baptisms in Worplesdon and he isn't there, but there is a William Walden of a suitable age born in the neighbouring parish of Ash. Note that there are two other Waldens in the 1851 census who give their place of birth as Worplesdon, but who also appear in the Ash baptisms :- these are Richard Walden, aged 57 living in Ash, and John Walden, aged 51 living in Guildford Holy Trinity. Note also that there may be one member of the family who actually was born in Worplesdon - he was Henry Walden christened in 1804 in Worplesdon. His parents are Richard and Milly Walden of Wyke.


Of these, we can connect John, William and Henry to a single family with parents Richard + Amelia - provided that we accept that in Worplesdon Amelia was known as 'Milly'. So the guess is that the family had moved to Worplesdon by 1804 and all the brothers subsequently believed that they came from Worplesdon).


Richard can be connected in by the facts that (a) he is living in Ash in 1851 and (b) he appears to be married to the sister of William's wife Elizabeth Simmonds. There IS a record of the birth of a Ric Walden in Ash in 1797 but there is no father named and the mother is Mary Ethrod ???


6. The family are in East Clandon (something like Thonck Street ???) in the 1841 census as follows (all born in Surrey) :

William Walden m age 35 Agricultural Labourer

Elizabeth f age 40

Emma f age 11

Elizabeth f age 9

Eliza f age 7

William m age 5

Mary f age 3

Sarah f age 1

Note on Wife: Elizabeth SIMMONDS - shared note

1. The identification of Elizabeth Simmonds as the wife of William Walden is taken from the birth certificate of her daughter Sarah.


2. In the 1851 census, we have William Walden living in East Clandon with his wife Elizabeth who was born in Pirbright and gives her age as 53 (but then William seems to have overestimated his age as well).


3. Note that there is an Elizabeth Simmonds in Pirbright who appears to have had two fatherless children William and Edmund before she married. See also her sister Jane.