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Family of Daniel HARRIS and Maria BAILEY

Husband: Daniel HARRIS (1807- )
Wife: Maria BAILEY (1811- )
Children: Mary HARRIS (1831- )
James HARRIS (1832- )
Mark HARRIS (1836-1904)
Ann HARRIS (1839- )
Eliza HARRIS (1841- )
Emma HARRIS (1843- )
John HARRIS (1845- )
Maria HARRIS (1849- )
Henry HARRIS (1850- )
Marriage 1 Mar 1830 St Philip & St Jacob, Bristol

Husband: Daniel HARRIS

Name: Daniel HARRIS
Sex: Male
Father: William HARRIS ( - )
Mother: Hester ILES ( - )
Birth 1807 Hanham, Gloucestershire
Census 1851 (age 43-44) Hanham, Gloucester

Wife: Maria BAILEY

Name: Maria BAILEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1811 Hanham, Gloucestershire

Child 1: Mary HARRIS

Name: Mary HARRIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1831 Hanham, Gloucester
Christening 26 Feb 1837 (age 5-6) Oldland, Gloucester

Child 2: James HARRIS

Name: James HARRIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1832 Hanham, Gloucester
Christening 26 Feb 1837 (age 4-5) Oldland, Gloucester

Child 3: Mark HARRIS


Mark HARRIS, Mark Harris (maybe)

Name: Mark HARRIS
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Sarah WALDEN (1840-1884)
Spouse 2: Rose Elizabeth MOBBS (1849- )
Spouse 3: Elizabeth WALDEN (1834-1870)
Birth 1836 Hanham, Gloucester
Death 12 Apr 1904 (age 67-68)
Christening 26 Feb 1837 (age 0-1) Oldland, Gloucester
Burial 19 Apr 1904 Nunhead Cemetary

Child 4: Ann HARRIS

Name: Ann HARRIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1839 Hanham, Gloucester

Child 5: Eliza HARRIS

Name: Eliza HARRIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1841 Hanham, Gloucester

Child 6: Emma HARRIS

Name: Emma HARRIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1843 Hanham, Gloucester

Child 7: John HARRIS

Name: John HARRIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1845 Hanham, Gloucester

Child 8: Maria HARRIS

Name: Maria HARRIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1849 Hanham, Gloucester

Child 9: Henry HARRIS

Name: Henry HARRIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1850 Hanham, Gloucester

Note on Husband: Daniel HARRIS - shared note

1. The marriage certificate of his son Mark gives his profession as 'Labourer'.


2. In the 1851 census Daniel and Maria appear to be living in Hanham, Gloucester (which is next door to Oldland where their son Mark's christening is recorded). He is aged 44, born in Hanham, and his profession is again 'Labourer'. He is living with his wife and 8 children, including a son Mark of the right age. Another son, James, may already have left home. Note that there is also a George Harris, Servant, aged 17 living next door, who might be related.


3. Beware - There is another Daniel + Maria at Soundwell, Bitton in the 1881 census, and they are there as Daniel + Mary in the 1851 census. It is fairly easy to prefer the Hanham couple, since the Daniel in Soundwell is a Coal Miner, and they do not have any children named Mark or James; there is a Maria but she is too young for an 1837 christening (see the notes about Mark relating to the christening of Mark, James and Mary).


4. There are two references in the Gloucester Gaol records for 1869 and 1875 to a Daniel Harris of Bitton. It's ok - they turn out to relate to someone born about 1840.


5. Note that the Registration district for post-1837 births in Hanham is probably Keynsham (which looks more like Somerset).


6. In the 1841 census the family is in Hanham as follows

Daniel Harriss (sic) m age 30 Ag. Labourer

Maria f age 25

Mary f age 11

James m age 9

George m age 7

Mark m age 5

Ann f age 3

Eliza f age 1

Particularly interesting is that this family is immediately followed by a separate household consisting of William Hariss 75, coal miner and Hester Harris aged 80. Are these the parents of Daniel? Hester is slightly old, but it seems a fair guess. This leads on to a record in the IGI of the marriage of William Harris to Hester Iles at St. Marys Bitton on 18/5/1789. (NB. This is a record contributed by an LDS member, not a genuine parish register entry.)

Note on Wife: Maria BAILEY - shared note

1. Maria is shown as aged 40 in the 1851 census, born in Hanham.


2. The maiden name of Bailey is taken from the birth certificate of her daughter Emma.


3. The LDS Vital Records CD has a record of her marriage which gives her name as Bayley.