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Family of Joseph WALLACE and Mary REYNOLDS

Husband: Joseph WALLACE (1801-1891)
Wife: Mary REYNOLDS (1801-1871)
Children: Mary WALLACE (1822-1882)
Martha WALLACE (1824-1873)
George Thomas WALLACE (1826- )
Maria WALLACE (1831-1911)
Albina WALLACE (1833-1834)
Esther WALLACE (1835-1919)
Frederick Adolphus WALLACE (1837-1907)
Charles Augustus WALLACE (1840-1925)
Alfred Henry WALLACE (1842-1877)
Marriage 15 Apr 1821 St Dunstans, Stepney

Husband: Joseph WALLACE

Name: Joseph WALLACE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1801 Whitechapel
Occupation -
Death 1891 (age 89-90) Chelsea


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1801 Aldgate, Middlesex
Death 1871 (age 69-70)

Child 1: Mary WALLACE

Name: Mary WALLACE
Sex: Female
Birth 1822
Death 1882 (age 59-60)

Child 2: Martha WALLACE

Name: Martha WALLACE
Sex: Female
Birth 1824
Death 1873 (age 48-49)

Child 3: George Thomas WALLACE

Name: George Thomas WALLACE
Sex: Male
Birth 1826
Christening 7 May 1826 (age 0) St Dunstan, Stepney

Child 4: Maria WALLACE

Name: Maria WALLACE
Sex: Female
Birth 1831
Christening 9 Jan 1831 (age 0) St Dunstan, Stepney
Death 1911 (age 79-80)

Child 5: Albina WALLACE

Name: Albina WALLACE
Sex: Female
Birth 1833
Christening 24 Feb 1833 (age 0) St Dunstan, Stepney
Death 1834 (age 0-1)

Child 6: Esther WALLACE

Name: Esther WALLACE
Sex: Female
Birth 1835
Death 1919 (age 83-84)

Child 7: Frederick Adolphus WALLACE

Name: Frederick Adolphus WALLACE
Sex: Male
Birth 1837
Christening 27 Mar 1837 (age 0) St Dunstan, Stepney
Death 1907 (age 69-70)

Child 8: Charles Augustus WALLACE

Name: Charles Augustus WALLACE
Sex: Male
Birth 26 May 1840 Whitechapel
Christening 10 Jun 1840 (age 0) St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney
Death 1925 (age 84-85)

Child 9: Alfred Henry WALLACE

Name: Alfred Henry WALLACE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah HEATH (1844- )
Birth 9 Mar 1842 St Mary, Whitechapel
Death 10 Jun 1877 (age 35) Shoreham, Sussex
Occupation 1862 (age 19-20) -
Occupation 1877 (age 34-35) -
Census 1871 (age 28-29) 1 Boundary Row
Christening 9 Mar 1842 (age 0) St Mary, Whitechapel, Stepney

Note on Husband: Joseph WALLACE - shared note

1. At the time of the birth of his son Charles, he was living at 25 Whitechapel Road. Joseph's profession at the time is Tailor.


2. The LDS site lists the marriage of a Joseph Wallace to Mary Reynolds at Saint Dunstans, Stepney in 1821. Taken together with his wife's name of Mary in the 1841 census, this seems to have a fair chance of being the right record.


3. In the 1841 census the family appear to be at Tongue Yard, Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel, Middlesex. The family consists of Joseph Wallace (Age 40 - clothier), Mary (40), Mary (15 - clothier), Martha (15 - clothier), Frederick (4) and Charles (1). All born within the same county.


4. In the 1851 census the family appear to be living at 58 Church Street, Chelsea as follows:

Joseph Wallace, M age 50, Tailor, born London, Middlesex. Head of household

Maria Wallace, F age 20, Dressmaker, born Stepney, Middlesex. Daughter unmarried

Esther Wallace, F age 15, Laundress, born Stepney, Middlesex. Daughter

Frederick Wallace, M age 14, born Stepney, Middlesex. Son

Charles Wallace, M age 11, born London, Middlesex. Son

Alfred Wallace, M age 9, born Whitechapel, Middlesex. Son


5. In the 1861 census he may be living at 7 Little Europa Place, Battersey, Surrey. The household consists of :

Joseph Wallace, M age 60, Firewood cutter, born Whitechapel, Middlesex. Head of household. Widower

Jane Penfold, F age 50. Housekeeper, born Spild Green, Sussex. Unmarried


6. In the 1871 census he is living alone at 11 Georges Place, Fulham. He is aged 70 and described as a Tailor's Cutter.


7. Mum has found a possible record of a Joseph Wallace, picture frame maker, aged 80, in Battersea in the 1881 census. He was born in Whitechapel and is married to Eliza Wallace. This is the only grounds for listing a second marriage to Eliza, but it is supported to a degree by the absence of his first wife in the 1851 and 1861 censuses.


8. This 1881 census record above lists him at 24 Little Europa Place where he is living with Charles Wallace, aged 43, who has two children Minnie (10) and Charles (8). He (ie. Charles aged 43) was born at Stepney, in Middlesex. It would be better if he were 2 years younger, but I suppose it isn't a bad match really.


9. At the time of the marriage of his son Alfred, his profession was clothier. That of picture frame maker in 1881 matches that of Alfred. Might he have taken over his son's business after his death ? Or otherwise become involved in it earlier ?


10. In the Kensington and Chelsea Poor Law records he appears to have been admitted to the Workhouse in 1887. He is aged 87 and a Picture Frame Maker.


11. There is an entry for his death in the BMD Index for 1st Qtr 1891 in the Registration District of Chelsea.


12. Three more children (Mary, Martha and Esther) have been copied from the Ancestry family tree "Fassell/Harris Family Tree owned by JemfHarris. This tree has also supplied most of the dates of death.

Note on Wife: Mary REYNOLDS

1. In the 1851 census she appears to be living alone, aged 50, married, a needlewoman, b. Tower, Middlesex.


2. In the 1861 census she appears to be living with her sons Alfred and Charles. See the entry for Alfred for details of this census.