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Family of Joseph Patrick DONEGAN and Maria AZZARO

Husband: Joseph Patrick DONEGAN (1868-1945)
Wife: Maria AZZARO (1874- )

Husband: Joseph Patrick DONEGAN

Name: Joseph Patrick DONEGAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1868 Westminster, London
Death 1945 (age 76-77)

Wife: Maria AZZARO

Name: Maria AZZARO
Sex: Female
Father: Emmanuelle AZARO (1840-1916)
Mother: Ursula MAY (1849-1921)
Birth 1874 Windsor

Note on Husband: Joseph Patrick DONEGAN

1. Joseph Donegan married Maria Podesta in Leeds in 1920. Before that they can be seen living together in Harrogate in the 1911 census (with the surname mis-transcribed as Donovan).


2. In the 1901 census Joseph Donegan is living at the same address as Maria Podesta in Eastbourne.


3. Note that Joseph has a sister Eliza Donegan who, in 1891, is living in William Street, Brighton. This places her close to the Azzaro family in the Kemptown area of Brighton, and as Irish Catholics they probably all attended the same church. In 1892 Eliza Donegan married Thomas Henry Hardwick who was living at 1 Chesterfield Court (off Chesterfield Street), Brighton, placing him even closer to Emanuele Azzaro and his family. Eliza is described as a Flower Hawker, which may possibly be the first connection of Maria Azzaro and her family to the business of flower selling.


4. The Hardwick family appear to have come from York, and this is the only possibly connection which has yet turned up which could have led Maria and her family to move from Sussex to Yorkshire.

Note on Wife: Maria AZZARO - shared note

1. Marie Azzaro is one of the 'acknowledged daughters' in the will of Emanuel Azzaro. No record of her birth has yet turned up on FreeBMD (as at Dec 2012).


2. She turns up in 1889, getting married to Dominic Podesta in Eastbourne on June 13. She gives her age as 21 and her father as Emanuel Azzaro, so there is no doubt it is her. Emanuel's profession is down as General Labourer (so either she doesn't really know what he does, or else there has been a muddle since her father-in-law's profession is Lodging House Keeper). Both of them give their address as 19 Lime Tree Terrace, Eastbourne. Neither of the witnesses are named either Azzaro or Podesta.


3. In the 1891 census they are living at 22 Lime Tree Terrace, Eastbourne. The family consists of

Dominic Podesta Musician Age 26 Born Hastings

Marie Podesta Hawker of Flowers Age 21 Born Windsor

Agnes Podesta Age 1 Born Brighton

Teresa Podesta Age 3 months Born Brighton


4. In the 1901 census Marie Podesta is still living in Eastbourne at 3 Glovers New Flats Avondale Road. Her age is 27 (which is not very consistent with her age when married) and birthplace is Windsor, Berks. She describes herself as married, but is the head of the household with no husband present, and is working on her own account as a flower hawker. She has 4 children as follows :

Agnes Podesta Aged 11, born Brighton

Treasa (sic) Podesta Aged 10, born Brighton

Marie Podesta Aged 7, born Eastbourne

Nellie Podesta, Aged 5, born Eastbourne


FreeBMD has some candidates for the birth of two of her children. These are Marie, born 2nd Qtr 1894 in Eastbourne and Ellen, born 1st Qtr 1896 in Eastbourne.


5. In the 1911 census the family turn up (somewhat surprisingly) at 7 School Court, Harrogate, Yorkshire. The family consists of

Joseph Donovan, Head of household, married, age 43, Florist. Born in Westminster, London

Maria Donovan age 38, Florist, 4 living children, born Brighton, Sussex

Maria Donovan age 17, Servant, born Eastbourne

Nellie Donovan age 15, Servant, born Eastbourne


Maria's place of birth as Brighton looks like a mistake, but the entries for the two children suggest that this must be the right record for Maria Azzaro.


The name Donovan appears to be a mis-transcription of Donegan because we have a record of the marriage in 3rd Qtr 1920, in the Leeds registration district of Joseph P Donegan and Marie Podesta. Presumably they were unable to marry for most of the intervening years because Dominic Podesta was still alive.


6. See the notes on her daughters Theresa and Marie, who both married in Knaresborough, confirming that the family had moved to Yorkshire.