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Family of William George BARKER and Adelaide REYNOLDS

Husband: William George BARKER (1816- )
Wife: Adelaide REYNOLDS (1817-1897)
Children: William G. BARKER (1837- )
Charles John BARKER (1842- )
Eliza BARKER (1848- )
Louisa BARKER (1851- )
Frederick BARKER (1855- )
Marriage 16 Jul 1837 Parish Church of Limehouse, Middlesex

Husband: William George BARKER

Name: William George BARKER
Sex: Male
Father: James BARKER ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1816 Newington, Surrey

Wife: Adelaide REYNOLDS

Name: Adelaide REYNOLDS
Sex: Female
Father: Charles REYNOLDS ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1817 Wandsworth, Surrey
Death Jan 1897 (age 79-80) Lambeth

Child 1: William G. BARKER

Name: William G. BARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Fleurella (?) (1843- )
Birth 4 Sep 1837 St Mary, Newington

Child 2: Charles John BARKER

Name: Charles John BARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane Maria POTTLE (1846- )
Birth 26 Apr 1842 Lambeth
Occupation 1864 (age 21-22) -
Occupation 1870 (age 27-28) -
Census 1881 (age 38-39) 16, Ash Street Newington

Child 3: Eliza BARKER

Name: Eliza BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1848 SLambeth

Child 4: Louisa BARKER

Name: Louisa BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1851

Child 5: Frederick BARKER

Name: Frederick BARKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1855 Lambeth

Note on Husband: William George BARKER - shared note

1. At the time of his marriage to Adelaide his profession is General Dealer. Residence is simply Limehouse.


2. At the time of the birth of his son William (1837) he lived at 12 William Street, Newington. His occupation is 'A general dealer and ???'.


3. At the time of the birth of his son Charles (1842) he lived at 2 Harriet Street, Lambeth and his profession is Labourer.


4. There is a plausible entry for the family in the 1841 census living in Harriot Street, Lambeth :

William Barker M age 24, General dealer - born Surrey

Adelaide Barker F age 24, Shew (?) binder - born Surrey

Sarah Barker F age 1 - born Surrey

The address of Harriet Street seems to confirm that this must be the right one. It would have been nice if the eldest son William had been shown.


5. In the 1851 census he is living at 10 James Street, All Saints, Lambeth. The full entry for the family is :

William Barker, Head, Age 35, General Dealer, born Newington.

Adelaide " Wife, Age 35, born Wandsworth, Surrey

Charles " Son, Age 9, Scholar, born Lambeth

???? Dau, Age 4, born Lambeth

Louisa Dau, Age 1 month, born Lambeth


6. In the 1861 census the family is living at 4 Elliot Place and the entry is as follows:

William Barker, age 44, Head, General Dealer, b Newington

Adelaide Barker, age 44, Wife, Dealers wife, b. Wandsworth

Charles Barker, age 19, Son, Blacksmith, b. Lambeth

Eliza Barker, age 13, Daughter, Servant, b. Lambeth

Louisa Barker, age 10, Daughter, Scholar, b. Lambeth

Frederick Barker, age 4, Son, Scholar, b. Lambeth


7. At the time of the marriage of his son Charles [1864] his profession is Wheelwright.

Note on Wife: Adelaide REYNOLDS - shared note

1. At the time of her marriage to William her occupation was given as 'Shoe Binder'. Her residence was given simply as Limehouse.


2. See the notes for her husband William George Barker for her entries in the 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses.


3. For the 1871 census see the notes for her son Charles Barker.


4. She appears to be alive and well in the 1881 census, living with her son William G Barker, age 42, and his wife Fleurella Barjker.. She is a widow, age 64, by this time and her occupation is 'washing'. They are living at 3 Savile Place, Lambeth. Her approximate age and place of birth are taken from this entry. Note that Adelaide, her husband and both her children were born south of the Thames, whereas she was married in Limehouse. I thought that was North of the river?


5. In the 1891 census she is living alone at 26 John Street, Lambeth. She is aged 74 and described as a charwoman.