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Family of James B BIRKHEAD and Agnes PODESTA

Husband: James B BIRKHEAD ( - )
Wife: Agnes PODESTA (1890- )

Husband: James B BIRKHEAD

Name: James B BIRKHEAD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Agnes PODESTA

Name: Agnes PODESTA
Sex: Female
Father: Dominic PODESTA (1861- )
Mother: Maria AZZARO (1874- )
Birth 1890 Brighton

Note on Wife: Agnes PODESTA

1. FreeBMD has no record of the birth of an Agnes Podesta anywhere. The nearest match is that of Mary Agnes U Podesta born 1st Qtr 1890 in Brighton. This fits nicely with the 1891 and 1901 census records which are included in the notes for Maria Azzaro. Obviously the 3rd initial U (probably = Ursula) is typical of Emanuele's family.


2. There is no trace of her in the 1911 census, either under the names Mary or Agnes.


3. In 3rd Qtr 1915 there is the marriage of Agnes M Podesta to James B Birkhead in Basford (which is a district spanning the boundaries of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire). ( I have no idea how she could have moved from Eastbourne to Nottingham. Note however that her sisters Theresa and Marie both appear to have been married in Knaresborough, which makes the move a bit less unlikely.) They had 5 children :

George T Birkhead b. Basford 1915

Byron S Birkhead b. Shardlow 1920

Joan K Birkhead b. Shardlow 1921

Robert N Birkhead b. Shardlow 1922

Betty Birkhead b. Birmingham N. 1927