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Family of John BRADSHAW and Mary TURNBULL

Husband: John BRADSHAW ( - )
Wife: Mary TURNBULL (1890- )
Children: Margaret BRADSHAW (1910- )
Mary BRADSHAW (1911- )
Ellen BRADSHAW ( - )
Betty BRADSHAW ( - )
Marriage Sep 1909 Lanchester

Husband: John BRADSHAW

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -


Sex: Female
Father: John SCOTT (1863- )
Mother: Annie TURNBULL (1874- )
Birth 27 Nov 1890 South Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland

Child 1: Margaret BRADSHAW

Name: Margaret BRADSHAW
Sex: Female
Birth 1910

Child 2: Mary BRADSHAW

Sex: Female
Birth 1911

Child 3: Ellen BRADSHAW

Name: Ellen BRADSHAW
Sex: Female

Child 4: Betty BRADSHAW

Name: Betty BRADSHAW
Sex: Female

Note on Wife: Mary TURNBULL - shared note

1. I have the birth certificate for Mary on 27/11/1890 where no father is recorded. Her mother Annie Turnbull is a Finisher at Paper Mill and the place of birth is Blue House Yard, Sunderland.


2. I can find no plausible record of either Mary or her mother in the 1891 census, but both appear in the registration district of Chester-le-Street in 1901 and 1911. (See the record for her mother Annie Turnbull for details.)


3. Her first marriage (probably) as taken from the BMD index was to John Bradshaw in 3rd Qtr 1909 at Lanchester. Her first 4 children were all Bradshaws.


4. She then married James Burke in 1918 and there were a further 6 Burke children.


5. Somewhere in the later 1920s or early 1930s the whole family, with the exception of the eldest daughter Margaret, came south to London on one of the miners' 'Hunger marches'. James Burke was able to find work and settle in London, but for a brief period he was unable to support the family and they were taken in to one of the London workhouses.