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Family of Frederick William HARE and Theresa PODESTA

Husband: Frederick William HARE ( - )
Wife: Theresa PODESTA (1891- )
Marriage 21 Feb 1908 Knaresborough

Husband: Frederick William HARE

Name: Frederick William HARE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Theresa PODESTA

Name: Theresa PODESTA
Sex: Female
Father: Dominic PODESTA (1861- )
Mother: Maria AZZARO (1874- )
Birth 1891 Brighton

Note on Husband: Frederick William HARE - shared note

My information about Frederick Hare comes from his grandson Glenn Hare ( He tells me that Frederick William Hare married Theresa Podesta in 1908 and had two children Theresa and Frederick. They were florists and had a chain of shops in the Bradford area.


Frederick Hare left Theresa in about 1922 and thereafter lived with Gladys Bate, although they never married.

Note on Wife: Theresa PODESTA - shared note

1. There is an entry for the birth of Theresa in FREEBMD - 1st Qtr 1891 in Brighton.


2. I have the marriage certificate of a Theresa Podesta, daughter of Dominic Podesta, in Knaresborough in 1908. She gives her age as 21, which is much too high, but may have been overstated in order to avoid the need for a marriage licences. An important piece of evidence to support the theory that this is our Theresa is that her sister Marie also seems to have turned up in Knaresborough, where she was married about 1920.


3. The 'proof' that this Knaresborough entry really does belong to the Azzaro family is in the 1911 census where Theresa Hare is living at 23 Fullerton Street, Bradford. She is living with her husband and son, also Frederick, aged 1. She gives her place of birth as Eastbourne - QED. She gives her age as 20 which is exactly right. Both husband and wife give their profession as florist.


4. I have been in touch with Glann Hares ( who has concluded that this Knaresborough entry relates to the Theresa from Brighton/Eastbourne. He tells me that she married Frederick William Hare and had two children, Theresa and Frederick.