Family of John OVENDEN and Hannah CLARK

Husband: John OVENDEN (1787- )
Wife: Hannah CLARK ( - )
Children: Elizabeth OVENDEN (1811- )
Richard OVENDEN (1812- )
Hannah OVENDEN (1815- )
Caroline OVENDEN (1817- )
Ann OVENDEN (1819- )
Mary OVENDEN (1822- )
John Lucas OVENDEN (1824- )
Elizabeth Atkins OVENDEN (1828- )
Rebecca Down OVENDEN (1833- )
Marriage 14 Apr 1810 Folkestone, Kent

Husband: John OVENDEN

Name: John OVENDEN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 4 Jul 1787 Folkestone

Wife: Hannah CLARK

Name: Hannah CLARK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Elizabeth OVENDEN

Name: Elizabeth OVENDEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: John SCUTT (1808- )
Birth 8 Feb 1811 Folkestone

Child 2: Richard OVENDEN

Name: Richard OVENDEN
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Sep 1812

Child 3: Hannah OVENDEN

Name: Hannah OVENDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 5 May 1815

Child 4: Caroline OVENDEN

Name: Caroline OVENDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Feb 1817

Child 5: Ann OVENDEN

Sex: Female
Birth 23 Jul 1819

Child 6: Mary OVENDEN

Name: Mary OVENDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 30 Jan 1822

Child 7: John Lucas OVENDEN

Name: John Lucas OVENDEN
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Oct 1824

Child 8: Elizabeth Atkins OVENDEN

Name: Elizabeth Atkins OVENDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 22 Feb 1828

Child 9: Rebecca Down OVENDEN

Name: Rebecca Down OVENDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 17 Apr 1833

Note on Husband: John OVENDEN - shared note

1. There is only one suitable candidate for the birth of John Ovenden in Folkestone, and this is the IGI entry of a baptism on 4/7/1787, the son of Ric and Elizabeth Ovenden.


2. From there the trail goes cold, but there is an 'LDS member' record of the marriage of Richard Ovenden to Elizabeth Bass in Wootton, Kent, on 24/1/1785. (This is promising - see also the marriage of Richard Faith to Ann Bass in Wootton in 1785. It implies that the later marriage of John Scutt to Elizabeth Ovenden in 1831 was a 'family affair' with Bass connections on both sides.)


3. The list of children ascribed to John and Ann Ovenden are all those found in Folkestone in a realistic period, but there is no certainty that they are all a single family. Note particularly John Lucas Ovenden born in 1824. Lucas also appears as a middle name in the family of John and Elizabeth Scutt (nee Ovenden) , which suggests that we are on the right lines.

Note on Wife: Hannah CLARK - shared note

1. The only serious candidate for the birth of Hannah Clark is that of Ann Clarke, born in Cheriton 31/1/1790, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Clarke. (Note that this is an 'LDS Member' entry, not a parish register.)


2. One of the children ascribed her to Hannah Clark is Elizabeth Atkins Ovenden, born in 1828. This suggests a possible connection with a John Atkins Clark who married Elizabeth Kemp in Dover in 1789. But note that it is doubtful whether this Elizabeth Atkins Ovenden belongs to the same family - ie. The first child of John + Ann Ovenden was christened Elizabeth, and I am assuming that she survived and married John Scutt.