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Family of Charles John BARKER and Jane Maria POTTLE

Husband: Charles John BARKER (1842- )
Wife: Jane Maria POTTLE (1846- )
Children: William George BARKER (1870-1946)
Charles John BARKER (1868- )
Adelaide BARKER ( - )
Arthur BARKER ( - )
Eliza Jane BARKER (1877- )
Mary Ann BARKER (1878- )
Adam Buckie BARKER (1873- )
Frederick BARKER (1884- )
Marriage 18 Jul 1864 St. Johns Church, Waterloo, Surrey

Husband: Charles John BARKER

Name: Charles John BARKER
Sex: Male
Father: William George BARKER (1816- )
Mother: Adelaide REYNOLDS (1817-1897)
Birth 26 Apr 1842 Lambeth
Occupation 1864 (age 21-22) -
Occupation 1870 (age 27-28) -
Census 1881 (age 38-39) 16, Ash Street Newington

Wife: Jane Maria POTTLE

Name: Jane Maria POTTLE
Sex: Female
Father: John POTTLE (1828- )
Mother: Maria Elizabeth THACKER (1827- )
Birth 18 Jul 1846 Lambeth
Census 1881 (age 34-35) 16, Ash Street Newington

Child 1: William George BARKER


William George BARKER

Name: William George BARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Louisa Matilda WALLACE (1869-1928)
Birth 25 Mar 1870 Newington
Death 31 May 1946 (age 76) Chislehurst, Kent
Burial Chislehurst Cemetery, Kent
Census 1881 (age 10-11) 16, Ash Street Newington

Child 2: Charles John BARKER

Name: Charles John BARKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1868 Newington
Census 1881 (age 12-13) 16, Ash Street Newington

Child 3: Adelaide BARKER

Name: Adelaide BARKER
Sex: Female

Child 4: Arthur BARKER

Name: Arthur BARKER
Sex: Male

Child 5: Eliza Jane BARKER

Name: Eliza Jane BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1877 Newington
Census 1881 (age 3-4) 16, Ash Street Newington

Child 6: Mary Ann BARKER

Name: Mary Ann BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1878 Newington
Census 1881 (age 2-3) 16, Ash Street Newington

Child 7: Adam Buckie BARKER

Name: Adam Buckie BARKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1873 Newington
Census 1881 (age 7-8) 16, Ash Street Newington

Child 8: Frederick BARKER

Name: Frederick BARKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1884 Walworth

Note on Husband: Charles John BARKER - shared note

1. His birth certificate says that he was born at 2 Harriet Street. The registration was in the Waterloo (Second Part) district of Lambeth.


2. I have a copy of his marriage certificate to Jane Maria Pottle which gives his address as William Street, Waterloo. His profession is given as 'Smith'. (Note that his brother William is living in William Street, Newington in 1881. Are they the same place ?]


3. The birth certificate of his son William gives the family address as 16 Ash Street, Newington and his profession as Hawker.


4. In the 1871 census he and his family are at 16 Ash Street, Newington. The entry is as follows :

Charles Barker, age 28, Head, General Dealer, b. Lambeth

Jane Barker, age 24, Wife, b. Lambeth

Adelaide Barker, age 5, Daughter, b. Lambeth

Charles Barker, age 3, Son, b. Newington

William Barker, age 1, Son, b. Newington

Jane Pottle, age 54, Aunt, Widowm, Laundress, b. Newington

Adelaide Barker, age 54, Mother, Washerwoman, b. Wandsworth

William Barker, age 33, Son, Porter, b. Newington

Frederick Barker, age 15, Son, Errand Boy, b. Southwark


5. In the 1881 census he is still living at 16 Ash Street, age 38, and is still a Hawker.


6. In the 1901 census he is living at 37 Ferrand Street, Bermondsey, and still a Hawker working on his own account. He is living with his wife Jane, daughter Eliza aged 24 and son Frederick aged 17.

Note on Wife: Jane Maria POTTLE - shared note

1. I have a copy of her birth certificate. She was born at 41 Mitre Street, Waterloo.


2. I have a copy of her marriage certificate to Charles Barker, which gives her address as Waterloo Road, Waterloo.


3. The 1881 Census gives her occupation as Mangler and her birthplace as Lambeth.


4. Jane is still alive in the 1901 census, aged 54, no occupation given.