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Family of James BOUNDY and Sarah COUMBE

Husband: James BOUNDY (b.1780, bur.1856)
Wife: Sarah COUMBE (b.1784, bur.1842)
Children: John BOUNDY (1806- )
Elizabeth BOUNDY (1808- )
James BOUNDY (1810- )
Jenny BOUNDY (1813- )
Elizabeth BOUNDY (1818- )
Henry BOUNDY (1820-1888)
Sarah BOUNDY (1823- )
Richard BOUNDY (1825- )
Mary BOUNDY (1829- )
Marriage 8 Jul 1804 Altarnun, Cornwall

Husband: James BOUNDY

Name: James BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Father: Walter BOUNDY (b.1747, bur.1833)
Mother: Catherine CONGDON (bur.1788)
Birth 1 Dec 1780 Altarnun, Cornwall
Burial 5 Oct 1856 Altarnun, Cornwall

Wife: Sarah COUMBE

Name: Sarah COUMBE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 8 May 1784 Altarnun, Cornwall
Burial 18 Jul 1842 Altarnun, Cornwall

Child 1: John BOUNDY

Name: John BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Mar 1806

Child 2: Elizabeth BOUNDY

Name: Elizabeth BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Birth 16 Jan 1808

Child 3: James BOUNDY

Name: James BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 5 Aug 1810

Child 4: Jenny BOUNDY

Name: Jenny BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Birth 21 Feb 1813

Child 5: Elizabeth BOUNDY

Name: Elizabeth BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Birth 21 Sep 1818

Child 6: Henry BOUNDY

Name: Henry BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary-Ann WESTLAKE (1821-1885)
Birth 9 Dec 1820 Altarnun, Cornwall
Death 5 May 1888 (age 67) St Peter Port, Guernsey

Child 7: Sarah BOUNDY

Name: Sarah BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Birth 2 Mar 1823

Child 8: Richard BOUNDY

Name: Richard BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Oct 1825

Child 9: Mary BOUNDY

Name: Mary BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Birth 3 May 1829

Note on Husband: James BOUNDY - shared note

1. In the 1851 census, James Boundy can be found living with the family of his son John in Altarnun. The full record of the household at No. 2 Burland is as follows:

John Boundy, Head, age 46, Ag Labourer, b.Alternun

Ann Boundy, Wife, 46, b.South Hill, Cornwall

??? Boundy, Son, 10, b.Altarnun

Henry Boundy, Son, 5, b.Altarnun

Mary Ann Boundy, Dau, 3, b. Altarnun

James Boundy, Father, 74, Alms person, b.Altarnun

Note on Wife: Sarah COUMBE - shared note

1, There are several people named Sarah Coumbe born in Altarnun around the right date. The one christened 8/5/1784 is taken from Keith Whittington's information, where he gives her parents as Jno and Jane Coumbe. The burial date is also taken from his web pages.