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Family of Henry BOUNDY and Mary-Ann WESTLAKE

Husband: Henry BOUNDY (1820-1888)
Wife: Mary-Ann WESTLAKE (1821-1885)
Children: William H BOUNDY (1844- )
John Westlake BOUNDY (1848-1900)
James BOUNDY (1851- )
Richard Charles BOUNDY (1854- )
Elizabeth Ann BOUNDY (1857- )
Samuel BOUNDY (1858- )
Sarah Jane BOUNDY (1860- )
Marriage 7 Jun 1842 Launceston, Cornwall

Husband: Henry BOUNDY

Name: Henry BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Father: James BOUNDY (b.1780, bur.1856)
Mother: Sarah COUMBE (b.1784, bur.1842)
Birth 9 Dec 1820 Altarnun, Cornwall
Death 5 May 1888 (age 67) St Peter Port, Guernsey

Wife: Mary-Ann WESTLAKE

Name: Mary-Ann WESTLAKE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1821 England
Death 4 Sep 1885 (age 63-64) St Peter Port, Guernsey

Child 1: William H BOUNDY


William H BOUNDY

Name: William H BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Mary BRIDLE (1846-1885)
Birth 29 Dec 1844 Launceston, England

Child 2: John Westlake BOUNDY

Name: John Westlake BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 17 Mar 1848 St Helier, Jersey
Death 8 Feb 1900 (age 51) St Samson, Guernsey

Child 3: James BOUNDY

Name: James BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 1851 St Helier, Jersey

Child 4: Richard Charles BOUNDY

Name: Richard Charles BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah PURSE (1853- )
Birth 1854 St Helier, Jersey

Child 5: Elizabeth Ann BOUNDY

Name: Elizabeth Ann BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Birth 14 May 1857 Alderney

Child 6: Samuel BOUNDY

Name: Samuel BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Jul 1858 Alderney

Child 7: Sarah Jane BOUNDY

Name: Sarah Jane BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Birth 1860 Alderney

Note on Husband: Henry BOUNDY - shared note

1. Most of my information about Henry Boundy comes from John Giles, who is a descendant of his son William Henry. I have also received information from Jeni Dindar who descends from his son Richard Charles.


2. It is easiest to start at the end with Henry's death as recorded in the church at St Peter Port, Guernsey on 4th September 1888, which tells us that his parents were James and Sarah Boundy. At the time he was aged 68, living in Paris St, and the cause was Phthsis. The names of his parents seem to link him conclusively to a record of the birth of Henry Boundy in 1820, son of James Boundy and Sarah Coumbe, in Altarnun, Cornwall. (Note that Altarnun is about 10 miles from Launceston).


3. The 1841 census for Cornwall (on FFHS online) shows a Henry Boundy, age 20, Servant, in South Petherin, Cornwall (this is only about 2 miles from Launceston).


4. In 1842 the marriage of Henry Boundey (sic) to Mary Westlake is recorded in Launceston, followed by the birth of their son William Henry in 1845.


5. By 1851 the family is in St. Helier, Jersey, for which the following census information was sent me by Pam Hislop.

Harry Boundy age 33, born England

Mary A Boundy, age 32, born England

William Boundy, age 6, born England

John Boundy, age 2, b. St Helier.

James Boundy, age 3 months, b. St Helier.


6. John Giles has supplied information on 3 of his children born in Alderney between 1857 and 1860, but by the time of the 1861 census the family is in St Peter Port, Guernsey. They are still there in the 1871 and 1881 censuses.

Note on Wife: Mary-Ann WESTLAKE - shared note

1. John Giles has sent me the following record of the death of Mary Westlake as recorded in the church of St Peter Port, Guernsey:

4th Spetember 1885 - Mary Ann Westlake aged 84, wife of Henry Boundy.

Daughter of John Westlake and Grace Crewe (?)

Died in Hautville, Cause : Congestion of the liver.