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Family of Samuel FISHER and Emily Louisa BAILEY

Husband: Samuel FISHER (1876- )
Wife: Emily Louisa BAILEY (1880-1915)
Children: Emily Alice FISHER (1900-1988)
Marriage 4 Dec 1897 Holborn Register Office

Husband: Samuel FISHER

Name: Samuel FISHER
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph FISHER (1835- )
Mother: Sarah DAWES (1835- )
Birth 8 Nov 1876 Wolverhampton
Death "BEF. 1923"

Wife: Emily Louisa BAILEY

Name: Emily Louisa BAILEY
Sex: Female
Father: Robert BAILEY (1858- )
Mother: Emily Louisa MATTHEWS (1858-1920)
Birth 17 Apr 1880 St Lukes, Finchley
Death 9 May 1915 (age 35) Holborn Infirmary
Burial Manor Park Cemetary

Child 1: Emily Alice FISHER

Name: Emily Alice FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Archibald Walter Humphrey DAVINE (1899-1972)
Birth 31 Aug 1900 Clerkenwell, Islington
Death 17 Nov 1988 (age 88) Northwick Park Hospital

Note on Husband: Samuel FISHER - shared note

1. In the 1901 census, Samuel Fisher is living at 48 Helmet Row, St Luke, Old Street, Finchley. He is aged 24, profession compositor and gives his place of birth as Wolverhampton. He is living with his wife Emily Louisa, aged 20 and his daughter Emily A Fisher, aged 7 months.


2. His marriage certificate gives his address as 11 Baker's Row, Clerkenwell, occupation Compositor. His father is Joseph Fisher (deceased) who was a Tin Plate worker.


3. The above information appears to identify him in the 1881 census as follows :


Dwelling: 166 Gt Brickilm St

Census Place: Wolverhampton, Stafford, England

Joseph FISHER Head of household Age 45 M Born: Middlesex Tin Plate worker

Sarah FISHER Wife Age 45 F Born: Wolverhampton

Alice FISHER Daughter Age 18 F Born: Wolverhampton Shop Assistant

Jane FISHER Daugher Age 15 F Born: Wolverhampton Warehouse Assistant

Francis FISHER Son Age 13 M Born: Wolverhampton Scholar

Flora FISHER Daughter Age 11 F Born: Wolverhampton Scholar

Leonard FISHER Son Age 8 M Born: Wolverhampton Scholar

Samuel FISHER Son Age 4 M Born: Wolverhampton

Ann JONES Niece Age 20 F Born: Wolverhampton Warehouse Girl


Since the parents were married 8 years before the birth of Alice, there are probably several more children who have already left home.


4. Samuel is recorded as deceased in the marriage certificate of his daughter Emily in 1923. His profession then is given as Bricklayer's Labourer (have they got him muddled up with James Whitaker ?).


5. His birth certificate gives his place of birth as 88 Brick Kiln Street, Wolverhampton and his mother's maiden name as Sarah Dawes. His father is still a Tin Plate worker.

Note on Wife: Emily Louisa BAILEY - shared note

1. Her birth certificate says that she was born at 38 Radnor Street, St Lukes in 1880. Her father is given as Robert Bailey, a Brewer's Servant.


2. She married Samuel Fisher in 1997. The marriage certificate gives her age as 18 years, living at 22 Albion Place, Clerkenwell. Her father is Robert Bailey, a Bricklayer's labourer.


3. It is not clear what happened to Samuel Fisher but, by 1906 Emily appears to have been living with James Whitaker who was the father of 4 subsequent children. Frances Davine (granddaughter of Emily Bailey) says that Emily 'threw out Samuel Fisher because he was too demanding <nod, nod, wink, wink>'. Frances also understood that Emily's second husband was a brother of the first - which looks impossible since they had different surnames. Maybe we should guess that James Whitaker was a fairly close relation of Samuel Fisher.


4. It does not look as though Emily ever married James Whitaker. Her death certificate is in the name of Emily Fisher and describes her as the wife of Samuel Fisher, which implies that she was still married to Samuel Fisher, and that he was still alive. (The informant for the death certificate was her father Robert Bailey.) She died of Tuberculosis in Holborn Infirmary. The 'occupation' column of the death certificate says 'of Bactwick Street St Luke an Electric Wire Binder Wife of Sam Fisher a Compositor'.


5. Emily Bailey appears in the 1881 census at 231 Lancaster Road, Kensington. The family consists of :

Robert Bailey Age 23, Drayman

Emily Bailey age 23

Robert Bailey age 3

Emily Bailey age 11 months

All were born in Clerkenwell.