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Family of William George BARKER and Louisa Matilda WALLACE

Husband: William George BARKER (1870-1946)
Wife: Louisa Matilda WALLACE (1869-1928)
Children: Louisa Adelaide BARKER (1891-1962)
Ethel Martha BARKER (1893- )
Lilian Violet BARKER (1894- )
Selina May BARKER (1894-1965)
Maud BARKER (1897- )
William George BARKER (1899- )
Rose Ivy BARKER (1901-1918)
Alice Winifred BARKER (1903- )
Gladys Hilda BARKER (1905- )
Doris Eva BARKER (1909- )
Marriage 22 Apr 1889 St. Matthews Church, Newington, Surrey

Husband: William George BARKER


William George BARKER


William George BARKER

Name: William George BARKER
Sex: Male
Father: Charles John BARKER (1842- )
Mother: Jane Maria POTTLE (1846- )
Birth 25 Mar 1870 Newington
Death 31 May 1946 (age 76) Chislehurst, Kent
Burial Chislehurst Cemetery, Kent
Census 1881 (age 10-11) 16, Ash Street Newington

Wife: Louisa Matilda WALLACE

Name: Louisa Matilda WALLACE
Sex: Female
Father: Alfred Henry WALLACE (1842-1877)
Mother: Sarah HEATH (1844- )
Birth 31 Jan 1869 Christchurch, Southwark
Death 1928 (age 58-59)

Child 1: Louisa Adelaide BARKER


Louisa Adelaide BARKER

Name: Louisa Adelaide BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1891
Death 1962 (age 70-71)

Child 2: Ethel Martha BARKER


Ethel Martha BARKER

Name: Ethel Martha BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1893

Child 3: Lilian Violet BARKER


Lilian Violet BARKER

Name: Lilian Violet BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Jul 1894 Camberwell

Child 4: Selina May BARKER


Selina May BARKER

Name: Selina May BARKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Victor Ernest PETTIT (1892-1962)
Birth 20 Jul 1894 Camberwell
Death 21 Jul 1965 (age 71) Sidcup Kent

Child 5: Maud BARKER

Name: Maud BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1897

Child 6: William George BARKER


William George BARKER, William Barker (b.1899) (maybe)

Name: William George BARKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1899

Child 7: Rose Ivy BARKER

Name: Rose Ivy BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1901
Death 1918 (age 16-17)

Child 8: Alice Winifred BARKER


Alice Winifred BARKER

Name: Alice Winifred BARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1903

Child 9: Gladys Hilda BARKER

Name: Gladys Hilda BARKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Harry WILLIAMS ( - )
Birth 1905

Child 10: Doris Eva BARKER


Doris Eva BARKER

Name: Doris Eva BARKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: John BOLTON ( - )
Birth 9 Apr 1909 Deptford North

Note on Husband: William George BARKER - shared note

1. I have a copy of his birth certificate which gives his parents' address as 16, Ash Street, Newington.


2. At some point mum has him down as a Journeyman Brassmoulder working at Stone's Factory, Deptford. There are various items of brasswork around in the family, including picture frames with inlaid brass in the mounts.


3. I have a copy of his marriage certificate which gives his profession as Brass Moulder and his address as 6 Kingston (?) Street, Newington.


4. At the time of the birth of his daughter Selina May (1894) his address was 12 Pepler Road, Trafalgar Road, Camberwell. He was still a Brassmoulder (journeyman).


5. In the 1901 census he is still a brass moulder, living at 22 Arklow Road, St Pauls, Deptford. He is living with his wife and 7 children - Louisa down to Rose.


6. In the 1911 census he is still a brass moulder living at 27 Abinger Road, Deptford. He is living with his wife and 9 children - Maud is missing. In this list all the children have a middle christian name and these have been included in the database. Doris is listed as being aged 7, but she is at the bottom of the list as if she were the youngest. (I am only looking at a transcription of the census record, so maybe it is a transcription error.)


7. Later he developed heart trouble and bought a greengrocer's shop (of which I have a photograph) at 289 Evelyn Street, Deptford. The shop was destroyed by a bomb in 1944. He was already living at this address at the time of his daughter Selina May's marriage in 1922.

The shop appears to have been the focus of the family and his grandchildren remember it with affection. Aunt Louie (ie. Louisa b. 1919) remembers that there were Sunday trips by horse and cart 'out to the country' for picnics.


8. He then lived until his death on May 31, 1946 at 30 Belmont Lane, Chislehurst, Kent. He was buried in Chislehurst Cemetary and his gravestone epitaph reads 'For all of us he did his best'.


9. The National Probate Index for 1946 has the entry : "William George Barker of 80 Belmont Lane Chislehurst died 31 May 1946. Administration London 11 October to Ethel Martha Barker, spinster. Effects £203 9s 3d.

Note on Wife: Louisa Matilda WALLACE - shared note

1. In 1889 lived at 76 Henshaw Street, Newington.


2. At the time of her death lived at 289 Evelyn Street, Deptford.


3. Her christening is in the IGI records. Gives the date as January 31, 1869 at Christ Church, Southwark. This record makes no mention of a middle name of Matilda.


4. I have looked in the PRO index for a record of her birth from start 1867 to 1st qtr 1870 (both Wallace and Wallis) and she just ain't there. (I am also very sure that Mum would have searched very hard for her - obviously without success.] There is a Louisa Ann Wallace 4th Qtr 1868 from St George in the East, but this is part of Stepney, not Southwark. There is absolutely no hint from the 1881 census that she might have been born in Stepney. Another not-very-near miss is a Louisa Mary Wallis born in Newington in 4th Qtr 1867.


5. She had a Drapery shop at 69, Adolphus Street, Deptford, possibly from at least 1917 until her death in 1928. This was at the same time as her husband had the Greengrocers in Evelyn Street, where the family lived. For a while her eldest daughter Louisa lived over the shop in Adolphus Street. (But mum thinks that daughter Louisa had moved to Abinger Road by at least 1914 - which implies that Grandmother Barker owned the shop before that.)


6. There are some family photographs taken at house in Letchworth which belonged to 'Aunt Pat'. I am putting the note here since Aunt Louie believes that Aunt Pat was a sister of Louisa Wallace. This doesn't actually seem likely, since I think I have seen a postcard addressed to her as Mrs Barker, which implies that she was married to a Barker. Mum has a cryptic note of the address being Boswall, Temple Gardens, Green Lane, Letchworth (but was Boswall someone's name ?).