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Family of Andrew AZZARO and Margaret Florence BAKER

Husband: Andrew AZZARO (1878-1953)
Wife: Margaret Florence BAKER (1883-1976)
Children: Margaret AZZARO (1913- )
Victor Emmanuel AZZARO (1915-1997)
David AZZARO (1920-1988)
Irene AZZARO (1922- )
Antonio AZZARO (1924- )
Marriage 25 May 1912 Brighton Register Office

Husband: Andrew AZZARO


Andrew AZZARO, AndrewAzzaro (2)

Name: Andrew AZZARO
Sex: Male
Father: Emmanuelle AZARO (1840-1916)
Mother: Ursula MAY (1849-1921)
Birth 2 Dec 1878 Windsor, Berks
Death 1953 (age 74-75) Brighton, Sussex
Occupation -

Wife: Margaret Florence BAKER


Margaret Florence BAKER

Name: Margaret Florence BAKER
Sex: Female
Father: George BAKER (1849-1930)
Mother: Rebecca SPARSHOTT (1851- )
Birth 28 Feb 1883 Brighton, Sussex
Death 1976 (age 92-93) Brighton, Sussex

Child 1: Margaret AZZARO


Margaret AZZARO

Name: Margaret AZZARO
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert KUHLER ( - )
Birth 1913 Steyning

Child 2: Victor Emmanuel AZZARO

Name: Victor Emmanuel AZZARO
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Vera VINCENT ( - )
Spouse 2: Nan (AZZARO) ( - )
Birth 1915 Brighton, Sussex
Death 26 Jul 1997 (age 81-82) North Walsham, Norfolk

Child 3: David AZZARO



Name: David AZZARO
Sex: Male
Spouse 2: May BARKER (1923-2001)
Birth 21 Feb 1920 Brighton, Sussex
Death 13 Mar 1988 (age 68) Brighton
Burial Cremated

Child 4: Irene AZZARO



Name: Irene AZZARO
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas SAUNDERS ( - )
Birth 1922

Child 5: Antonio AZZARO

Name: Antonio AZZARO
Sex: Male
Spouse: Joyce (?) ( -1979)
Birth 1924

Note on Husband: Andrew AZZARO - shared note

1. Owned a motor taxi cab before the First World War. Was a founder member of the Brighton Streamline Taxi Cab Association. He is already described as a cab driver at the time of the 1901 census. Again in the 1911 census he is still living with his parents at 17 John Street and described as a Cabman.


2. Served in th 1914-18 war with the Royal Army Service Corps as a driver.


3. I have a copy of his birth certificate. He was born at 6 Red Lion Row, Clewer, Windsor.


4. I have a copy of his marriage certificate which gives his address as 21 Lavender Street, Brighton.


5. The birth of his daughter Margaret was registered at Steyning, which seems curious, but apparently Hove was in the Steyning registration district at the time. In Kelly's 1928 directory of Brighton he is at 4 Nelson Place, which is the area where my father (ie. David) said he grew up. (Yes, this is the 'famous' Nelson Place - the one in Graham Greene's Brighton Rock). The whole area was subject to slum clearances in the 1930's. Uncle Tony told me that the family moved to Whitehawk in 1931.


6. I have a copy of his death certificate, at which time he lived at 47 Fletching Road, Whitehawk.


7. I always knew him as 'Grandad Gary', and the 'Gary' was said to relate to 'Garibaldi' - see the story about his father Emanuel who claimed to have fought with Garibaldi.

Note on Wife: Margaret Florence BAKER - shared note

1. I have a copy of her birth certificate. She was born at 43, Wood Street Brighton


2. In the 1901 census there is a Margaret F Baker, aged 17, General domestic servant, in the household of Leonard Wester at 58 London Road.


3. Before her marriage she was 'in service' as a maid at 141 Queens Park Road, Brighton.