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Family of Reginald Willis DAVINE and Mary WHITTAKER

Husband: Reginald Willis DAVINE (1909- )
Wife: Mary WHITTAKER (1908-1959)
Marriage 23 Jun 1931 Lewisham Registry office.

Husband: Reginald Willis DAVINE

Name: Reginald Willis DAVINE
Sex: Male
Father: Walter John Willis D'AVOINE (1875-1937)
Mother: Eva Mabel May BOUNDY (1877-1961)
Birth 22 May 1909 Calais


Sex: Female
Father: James WHITTAKER ( - )
Mother: Emily Louisa BAILEY (1880-1915)
Birth 16 Feb 1908 Finsbury
Death 1959 (age 50-51)

Note on Husband: Reginald Willis DAVINE - shared note

1. Reginald and Mary had two children John and Shirley (later Portway). There was also a brother who died aged 1 week, and a stillborn sister. The brother may have had haemophilia, fo which there may be other examples in the family.

Note on Wife: Mary WHITTAKER - shared note

1. Her birth certificate spells her name with a single 't' whereas her marriage certificate uses two 't's. She was born at 13 Dingley Road, Finchley. It looks doubtful as to whether her parents were ever married, but on her birth certificate her mother (the informant) signs her name as E. L. Whitaker.


2. At the time of her marriage she was living at 34, Earlsthorpe Road, Sydenham.


3. Mary was brought up in a Dr Barnodo's home, probably from about 1915 onwards after the death of her mother. Later she was in service up until the time of her marriage.