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Family of John ALEXANDRE and Mary Ann D'AVOINE

Husband: John ALEXANDRE (1836- )
Wife: Mary Ann D'AVOINE (1843- )
Children: Lydia Elizabeth ALEXANDRE (1864- )
John ALEXANDRE (1866- )
Mary ALEXANDRE (1869- )
Marriage 1863 St Brelade

Husband: John ALEXANDRE

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1836 St Brelade

Wife: Mary Ann D'AVOINE

Name: Mary Ann D'AVOINE
Sex: Female
Father: Jean D'AVOINE (1805-1875)
Mother: Jeanne LE SUEUR (1806-1884)
Birth 1843 Trinity, Jersey

Child 1: Lydia Elizabeth ALEXANDRE

Name: Lydia Elizabeth ALEXANDRE
Sex: Female
Birth 1864 St Helier, Jersey

Child 2: John ALEXANDRE

Sex: Male
Birth 1866 St Helier, Jersey

Child 3: Mary ALEXANDRE

Sex: Female
Birth 1869 St Helier, Jersey

Note on Husband: John ALEXANDRE - shared note

1. I have been in touch with Jenny Joyce from Australia, whose husband is a descendant of John Alexandre and Mary Ann D'Avoine. She has considerable information on the Alexandre family, particularly the branch descended from their son John. Joyce may be contacted at

Note on Wife: Mary Ann D'AVOINE - shared note



1. Mary is aged 8 in the 1851 census, but does not appear as a d'Avoine in 1861.


2. There is a record of a marriage in the parish of St Brelade of a Mary A D'Avoine, age 20, born in Trinity, daughter of Jean, to John Alexandre (age 24, b.St Brelade, son of James). Unfortunately I failed to write down the date of the marriage. This is the only 'Mary A D'Avoine' in the system, so I am attaching the record to her. Fortunately, it seems to match up well with a record in the 1881 census of a family of John and Mary Alexandre in St Helier, with 3 children Lydia, John and Mary.