Family of Louis D'AVOINE and Elizabeth GRUCHY

Husband: Louis D'AVOINE ( - )
Wife: Elizabeth GRUCHY ( -1830)
Children: Marie Elizabeth D'AVOINE (1793-1810)
Josue D'AVOINE (1795- )
Xavier Stanislaus D'AVOINE (1800- )
Francois Xavier D'AVOINE (1804- )
Jean D'AVOINE (1805-1875)

Husband: Louis D'AVOINE

Name: Louis D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Elizabeth GRUCHY

Name: Elizabeth GRUCHY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1830 Cap St-Ignace, Quebec, Canada

Child 1: Marie Elizabeth D'AVOINE

Name: Marie Elizabeth D'AVOINE
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Jan 1793 Trinity
Death 1810 (age 16-17) Quebec City, Canada

Child 2: Josue D'AVOINE

Name: Josue D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Mar 1795 Trinity, Jersey

Child 3: Xavier Stanislaus D'AVOINE

Name: Xavier Stanislaus D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Birth 18 Nov 1800 Jersey

Child 4: Francois Xavier D'AVOINE

Name: Francois Xavier D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Apr 1804 Trinity, Jersey

Child 5: Jean D'AVOINE

Name: Jean D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Susanne LE FEUVRE (1807-1838)
Spouse 2: Jeanne LE SUEUR (1806-1884)
Birth 11 Aug 1805 Trinity, Jersey
Death 24 Nov 1875 (age 70) Trinity, Jersey

Note on Husband: Louis D'AVOINE - shared note



1. I know nothing about Louis and his wife Elizabeth before the birth of their first child in 1793. There appears to be no record of their marriage in any of the protestant parishes of Jersey, nor in St Thomas RC church. Note that one of their children, Xavier, was christened in the RC church, which suggests that we ought to be looking in RC sources for their marriage.


2. The interesting bit is that, in General Don's militia census of 1815, there isn't a single mention of a D'Avoine. It is supposed to cover all males between 17 and 65, so surely Louis and his sons ought to be there ? A possible explanation is that they would be excluded if they were French citizens.


3. In the earlier militia census of 1806 there is mention of a single D'Avoine, but no christian name given. Curiously this name is printed in lower case, whereas all other surnames are in upper case. Unfortunately I failed to read all the notes to the census index, so I don't know if this is supposed to be telling me anything.

Note on Wife: Elizabeth GRUCHY - shared note

1. In June 2005 I received some e-mails from Sylvain Lord in Canada whose research shows that he is descended from Josue d'Avoine. His information is that Elizabeth Gruchy arrived in Canada with two children Marie and Josue on 3rd July 1807, having come via Cork in Ireland. Her husband's name was given variously as Louis Avoine or Louis D'Avoine, but Sylvain has no record of Louis ever actually setting foot in Canada. The profession of Louis was said to be a navigator.


Elizabeth Gruchy died in Cap St-Ignace, Quebec in 1830. Her daughter Marie died in Quebec City in 1810 shortly after giving birth to a son at the age of 17. Josue, a shoemaker, married Genevieve Vezina and had 12 children, but seems to have vanished after his last daughter was born in 1838. There is a story that he tried to return to Jersey in 1838 to visit his relatives but never arrived. He was declared dead 13 years later. In Canada the family appear to have been presbyterians. Josue was known as Joseph Avoine.


So is this the same Elizabeth Gruchy who was the mother of Jean d'Avoine? Perhaps we have to accept that there were two couples of the same name? ie. Marie and Josue came from one family, while Xavier, Francois and Jean came from another?