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Family of Jean D'AVOINE and Susanne LE FEUVRE

Husband: Jean D'AVOINE (1805-1875)
Wife: Susanne LE FEUVRE (1807-1838)
Children: Jean D'AVOINE (1835- )
Julie D'AVOINE (1836- )
Mary Esther D'AVOINE (1838-1838)
Marriage 24 Dec 1834 Trinity, Jersey

Husband: Jean D'AVOINE

Name: Jean D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Father: Louis D'AVOINE ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth GRUCHY ( -1830)
Birth 11 Aug 1805 Trinity, Jersey
Death 24 Nov 1875 (age 70) Trinity, Jersey

Wife: Susanne LE FEUVRE

Name: Susanne LE FEUVRE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1807 Sark
Death 20 Nov 1838 (age 30-31) Trinity, Jersey

Child 1: Jean D'AVOINE

Name: Jean D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Birth 3 May 1835 Trinity, Jersey

Child 2: Julie D'AVOINE

Name: Julie D'AVOINE
Sex: Female
Birth 25 Sep 1836

Child 3: Mary Esther D'AVOINE

Name: Mary Esther D'AVOINE
Sex: Female
Birth 1 Jul 1838 Trinity, Jersey
Death Nov 1838 (age 0) Trinity, Jersey

Note on Husband: Jean D'AVOINE - shared note

1. The godparents of Jean are given as 'Ch. Bisson & Ph. Bisson & Marie Bisson'.


2. In the 1841 Census, he is described as John D'Avoine, aged 36, a Shoemaker. He and his family are living in Trinty Parish, Vingtaine of La Croiserie, a house somewhere between Clos du Nel and Grand Maison. (There is currently (2002) a house called Grand Maison in La Rue de la Croiserie, but I can't identify Clos du Nel.)


3. In Hugh Godfrey's map of 1849, the D'Avoines are living at La Forge in the Rondin Vingtaine of Trinity parish. There is still a house called La Forge in Rue es Picots near Trnity parish church (see 2002 Jersey Almanac).


4. In the 1851 census his name reverts to Jean and he is a Pig Butcher. His family are still living in Trinity parish, Le Rondin Vingtaine. The researcher at la Societe Jersiaise gives the address as Vert Pigeon, La Rue Verte. (Now La Rue Verte is a turning just round the corner from La Forge - but the 1861 census lists a place called Vert Pignion which appears to be in Rue es Picots itself, two doors away from La Forge. Is this the same place ? )


5. In the 1861 census he is Jean D'Avoine, Labourer, with the family again at La Forge in Le Rondin.


6. At the time of the 1871 census, he is John again, now 'formerly basket-maker'. He and his wife Jane are still living in Trinity parish, in 'Mrs Cabot's cottage', but all their children have moved away. Mrs Cabots cottage again appears to be somewhere close to the junction of Rue es Picots and La Rue Verte. Jean no longer appears in the 1881 census.


7. There is a curious record in Trinity parish of the burial of 'Jeanne Machon, age 41, wife of Jean Davoine' on December 24, 1833. Was Jeanne Machon the first wife of Jean D'Avoine ? It seems slightly unlikely since she would have been 13 year's older than him. But I have no record of any other Jean D'Avoine whose wife she might have been.

Note on Wife: Susanne LE FEUVRE - shared note



1. The information that Susanne came from Sark is given in the record of her marriage.


2. Her date of birth is taken from the record of her burial on November 20, 1838, aged 31.