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Family of Mark HARRIS and Elizabeth WALDEN

Husband: Mark HARRIS (1836-1904)
Wife: Elizabeth WALDEN (1834-1870)
Children: Ann Elizabeth HARRIS (1858-1933)
William HARRIS (1861- )
Louisa Maria HARRIS (1863-1913)
Alice HARRIS (1866- )
Jane HARRIS (1867- )
Henry HARRIS (1868- )
Marriage 25 Dec 1857 St. Pauls church, Bermondsey

Husband: Mark HARRIS


Mark HARRIS, Mark Harris (maybe)

Name: Mark HARRIS
Sex: Male
Father: Daniel HARRIS (1807- )
Mother: Maria BAILEY (1811- )
Birth 1836 Hanham, Gloucester
Death 12 Apr 1904 (age 67-68)
Christening 26 Feb 1837 (age 0-1) Oldland, Gloucester
Burial 19 Apr 1904 Nunhead Cemetary

Wife: Elizabeth WALDEN

Name: Elizabeth WALDEN
Sex: Female
Father: William WALDEN (1803- )
Mother: Elizabeth SIMMONDS (1802- )
Birth 12 Jan 1834 Merrow, Surrey
Death 28 Aug 1870 (age 36)
Burial Nunhead Cemetary

Child 1: Ann Elizabeth HARRIS


Ann Elizabeth HARRIS

Name: Ann Elizabeth HARRIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward PETTIT (1857-1909)
Birth 4 Oct 1858 1 Parkers Buildings, Bermondsey
Death 28 Mar 1933 (age 74) Wolverhampton
Burial 4 Apr 1933 Nunhead Cemetary

Child 2: William HARRIS

Name: William HARRIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1861

Child 3: Louisa Maria HARRIS

Name: Louisa Maria HARRIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1863 Horselydown, London
Death 2 Jun 1913 (age 49-50)
Burial 6 Jun 1913 Nunhead Cemetary

Child 4: Alice HARRIS

Name: Alice HARRIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1866

Child 5: Jane HARRIS

Name: Jane HARRIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1867

Child 6: Henry HARRIS

Name: Henry HARRIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1868 Horselydown, London

Note on Husband: Mark HARRIS - shared note

1. I have a copy of the certificate for his marriage to Elezabeth Walden. Profession could be 'Labourer'. Address given as 'St. Pauls' which is simply the name of the parish in which they were married. This gives his father's name as Daniel Harris.


2. I have a copy of the birth certificate of his daughter Ann Elizabeth. His address is 1 Parkers Buildings, Bermondsey, and his profession appears to be 'Dairymans Labourer'.


3, The 1871 census gives the following family at 11 Goat Street:

Mark Harris Age 34, Dairyman, b. Hanham, Glos.

Annie E Harries Age 12, b. Bermondsey

William Harris Age 10, b. Bermondsey

Louisa M Harris Age 8 b. Horselydown

Alice S Harris Age 5 b. Horselydown

Mary J Harris Age 5 b. Horselydown

Henry M Harris Age 3 b. Horselydown

Sarah Walden Age 31 Sister-in-law b. Guildford, Surrey, Housekeeper

Annie Walden Age 24 Sister-in-law b.Guidford, Surrey

John Rilly Age 15, Servant, b. Finchley, Middlesex

Frederick F Walden, Age 2 months, (no relationship given) b. Southwark


This makes clear the relationship between Sarah Walden and Mark's first wife Elizabeth. He never married Sarah, but I helieve that, at that time, it was illegal to marry your sister-in-law.


4. I have a copy of the marriage certificate of his daughter Ann in 1879 at which time his address is Blackman Street, Newington and his profession is Dairyman.


5. In the 1881 Census the only obvious candidate is Mark Harris, Dairyman, age 45. He lives at 63, Queen Elizabeth St. Horselydown and was born in Bristol. This time Sarah is described as his wife, whereas she was buried as Sarah Walden - so presumably they never actually married.


6. Confirmation of the 1881 Census entry comes from a grave in Nunhead Cemetery in which Mark Harris and 4 others of his family are buried. The location is Grave No. 11056, Square 66. According to the cemetery records these 5 burials were

Elizabeth Harris (date not known)

Sarah Walden buried 1884

Mark Harris buried April 19, 1904

Louisa Maria Harris buried June 6, 1913

Annie Elizabeth Pettit buried April 4, 1933 aged 74 years


The last of these appears to confirm that this really is the right family, since this is Uncle Frank's grandmother, and he knows that she was buried at Nunhead in 1933. (The only discrepancy is that Frank believed that the grave was a 'family vault' built to hold 26, and that Annie Pettit was the 13th to go in ! Presumably this is a story which has grown over the years.)


7. The grave in Nunhead Cemetery can still be found (March 2002) although it is somewhat overgrown. The secret is to look for the tomb of Charles Fox, Engineer on the main path in Square 67 (on the left as you go up the hill, 20 yards before the path forks). There is a footpath leading inwards immediately behind Charles Fox's tomb - take this path and count approximately 14 rows in. The Harris/Pettit grave is about 4 places to the left of this footpath.


The inscription is as follows (The '/' character indicates line breaks) :


The Memory of / Elizabeth Harris / who died August 28th 1870 / aged 37 years

We laid her in the hallowed grave / with hope in him who died to save

Also of Sarah Walden / who died February 16th 1884 / in her 45th year

Also of Mark Harris / who died April 12th 1904 / aged 68 years

Eternal rest grant to his soul oh lord

Also of Louisa Maria / daughter of the above / who died June 2nd 1913 / aged 50 years

Also of Ann Elizabeth Pettit / daughter of the above Mark Harris

Who died March 28th 1933 / aged 74 years

Gone but not forgotten


8. There is an IGI record of the christening of a Mark Harris in Oldland near Bristol, the son of a Daniel + Maria, on February 26, 1837. But note that his two siblings James and Mary were christened on the same day. Were they triplets, or were they a job lot, all done together ?

This IGI record is on a funny 'Patron sheet' - not a proper Parish Record batch number.


9. If we accept the IGI records of the christening of Mark, James and May in 1837, then it is fairly easy to link them to the family of a Daniel and Maria Harris in Hanham, near Bristol, in the 1851 census, although James is missing from the list of children. (Hanham is right next door to Oldland.) The Mark in this family, aged 15 and a Labourer, is the only Mark Harris in Gloucestershire in the 1851 census within 8 years of the right age (BUT NOTE : the census I am looking at does not include Bristol itself).


10. When Mark Harris bought the burial rights to the Nunhead grave his address was 11 Goat Street, Horsleydown. By the 1881 Census, he had moved to 63 Queen Elizabeth St. but his eldest daugher Annie was living at 11 Goat Street (ie. with Edward Pettit and her family). By 1892 Edward and Annie had moved to 65 Queen Elizabeth Street where their son Victor Ernest was born.


11. Sarah Walden died in 1884 and the same year he married Rose Elizabeth Anderson, Widow,


12. The attached photograph is marked by Mum as being of 'Henry Mark Harris'. Was he really a Henry ? Who else could she have meant ? Unfortunately, the same guy (or someone very similar) seems to turn up in the Pettit/Carter wedding photograph of 1913. Since Mark Harris died in 1904 the one in the wedding picture certainly can't have been him !


13. In the 1891 census Mark and his family are still living at 63 Quuen Elizabeth Street. His wife is Rose E Harris. He still has 8 of his children living with him - they are Louisa M and Henry M from his first marriage, together with all 6 of Sarah Walden's children. His profession is given as 'Dairyman and Provisions' with the word 'Milk' added above. Of the children 5 are down as 'Assistant in Shop', with the word 'Milk' added for Louisa and the word 'Provs' added for Grace, Minnie, Edward and Emily. Somehow this suggests to me that they are all working in his own shop and the distinction between the two parts of the shop was added as an afterthought ???


14. The 1901 census shows Mark Harris, aged 66, Dairyman, living at 19, Marine Street, Bermondsey. His 'Employment status' is given as 'Employer working at home'. He is living with his third wife Rose E Harris and a daughter Louisa M Harris. Unfortunately this 'daughter' is aged 26, so either the age is very wrong, or she is not the Lousia Maria Harris in the 1881 census. In 1901 Mark Harris is more specific about his birthplace which he gives as Hanham, Gloucestershire.


15, He appears in th 1899 Electoral Roll as living at 18 Queen Elezabeth Street.


16. The entry in the 1905 National Probate Index is "Mark Harris of 5e Peabody Buildings East Lane Bermondsey Surrey died 12 April 1904. Probate London 27 April 1905 to Rose Elizabeth Harris, widow. Effects £5. (Oh dear - and I was beginning to think that he was quite a substantial citizen. But it took a year for probate to be granted - maybe his affairs weren't as simple as all that ?)

Note on Wife: Elizabeth WALDEN - shared note

1. Elizabeth died in 1870, aged 37, and the 1871 Census tells us that Elizabeth's sister Sarah has turned up as Housekeeper. The 1881 Census describes Sarah as Mark's wife but it seems that they never married.


2. The identification of Elizabeth as the one found in the IGI born in Merrow 1834 depends on the assumption that Sarah Walden is her sister. Otherwise, there are rather too many Waldens around for any certaintly. The 1871 census also tells us that Sarah was born around 1840 in Guildford, Surrey. With this information, the IGI comes up with a very promissing pair : ie. Eliza Walden born 12/1/1834 in Merrow, Surrey, and Sarah Walden born 16/2/1840 in East Clandon, Surrey.


Their parents are William Walden and Elizabeth Semmonds. In this family there is also another sister Ann, 6 years younger than Sarah, and she also appears in the 1871 census living with Mark Harris. The evidence is all circumstantial, but with 3 sisters, all of the right ages, looks good enough for me..