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Family of Christopher PENNY and Elizabeth BAKER

Husband: Christopher PENNY (1637- )
Wife: Elizabeth BAKER (1635- )
Children: Mary PENNEY (1663- )
Thomas PENNEY (1665- )
Christopher PENNEY (1667- )
Elizabeth PENNEY (1669- )
Robert PENNEY (1671- )
Joan PENNEY (1673- )
Ann PENNEY (1677- )
Marriage 4 Jan 1662/63 Folkestone, Kent

Husband: Christopher PENNY

Name: Christopher PENNY
Sex: Male
Father: William PENNY ( - )
Mother: Mary (?) ( - )
Birth 19 Nov 1637 Folkstone, Kent

Wife: Elizabeth BAKER

Name: Elizabeth BAKER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jan 1634/35 Folkestone, Kent

Child 1: Mary PENNEY

Name: Mary PENNEY
Sex: Female
Birth 11 Oct 1663 Folkestone, Kent

Child 2: Thomas PENNEY

Name: Thomas PENNEY
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Aug 1665 Folkestone, Kent

Child 3: Christopher PENNEY

Name: Christopher PENNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary HALL ( - )
Birth 7 Apr 1667 Folkestone, Kent
Birth 7 Apr 1667

Child 4: Elizabeth PENNEY

Name: Elizabeth PENNEY
Sex: Female
Birth 8 Aug 1669 Folkestone, Kent

Child 5: Robert PENNEY

Name: Robert PENNEY
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Aug 1671 Folkestone, Kent

Child 6: Joan PENNEY

Name: Joan PENNEY
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1672/73 Folkestone, Kent

Child 7: Ann PENNEY

Name: Ann PENNEY
Sex: Female
Birth 1 Apr 1677 Folkestone, Kent

Note on Husband: Christopher PENNY - shared note

1. The IGI record of the birth of Christopher Penny 19/11/1637 give his parents as William + Mary, but there the trail goes cold. This birth record is a proper one from the parish registers.


2. The marriage record of Christopher Penny and Elizabeth Baker comes from the IGI but is not listed as a proper parish record. However Richard Nelson's site attributes it to the Folkestone parish register.

Note on Wife: Elizabeth BAKER - shared note

1. The baptism of Elizabeth Baker says that she is the daughter of Thomas Baker and Elizabeth Smeed. Richard Nelson's site records that there is a will associated with her father.