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Family of William H BOUNDY and Elizabeth Mary BRIDLE

Husband: William H BOUNDY (1844- )
Wife: Elizabeth Mary BRIDLE (1846-1885)
Children: William G H BOUNDY (1864- )
Thomas J A BOUNDY (1868- )
Mary Elizabeth Eva BOUNDY (1870-1943)
Florence L BOUNDY (1872- )
James F BOUNDY (1874- )
Eva Mabel May BOUNDY (1877-1961)
Samuel C BOUNDY (1879- )
Louis W R BOUNDY (1880- )
Henrietta M BOUNDY (1881- )
Reginald E BOUNDY (1883- )
Ida M F BOUNDY (1885- )
Marriage 24 Apr 1864 St Peter Port, Guernsey

Husband: William H BOUNDY


William H BOUNDY

Name: William H BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Father: Henry BOUNDY (1820-1888)
Mother: Mary-Ann WESTLAKE (1821-1885)
Birth 29 Dec 1844 Launceston, England

Wife: Elizabeth Mary BRIDLE

Name: Elizabeth Mary BRIDLE
Sex: Female
Father: George Andrew BRIDLE ( - )
Mother: Mary Elizabeth HURLEY ( - )
Birth 1846 St Peter Port, Guernsey
Death 3 May 1885 (age 38-39) St Peter Port, Guernsey

Child 1: William G H BOUNDY

Name: William G H BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Jun 1864

Child 2: Thomas J A BOUNDY

Name: Thomas J A BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 3 Apr 1868

Child 3: Mary Elizabeth Eva BOUNDY

Name: Mary Elizabeth Eva BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Spouse: John George BREHAUT (1868-1948)
Birth 12 Mar 1870
Death 1943 (age 72-73)

Child 4: Florence L BOUNDY

Name: Florence L BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Feb 1872

Child 5: James F BOUNDY

Name: James F BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 10 Nov 1874

Child 6: Eva Mabel May BOUNDY

Name: Eva Mabel May BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Walter John Willis D'AVOINE (1875-1937)
Birth 11 May 1877 St Peter Port, Guernsey
Death 1961 (age 83-84)

Child 7: Samuel C BOUNDY

Name: Samuel C BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Feb 1879

Child 8: Louis W R BOUNDY

Name: Louis W R BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Apr 1880

Child 9: Henrietta M BOUNDY

Name: Henrietta M BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Birth Feb 1881

Child 10: Reginald E BOUNDY

Name: Reginald E BOUNDY
Sex: Male
Birth 13 Feb 1883

Child 11: Ida M F BOUNDY

Name: Ida M F BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Birth 24 Mar 1885

Note on Husband: William H BOUNDY - shared note

1. I have looked for William Boundy in the 1901 census. There is one candidate of exactly the right age (56) who is a widower, described as a Seaman - Merchant service. He is living as a boarder at 32 Cornet Street, St Peter Port.


2. Jeni Dindar tells me that she has seen a record in the Priaux Library of the birth of William Henry Boundy to Henry and Mary-Ann Boundy, and that he married Elizabeth Mary Bridle.


3. I have a copy of the birth certificate of a William Henry Boundey (sic) born 29/12/1844 in Launceston, Cornwall, the son of Henry Boundey, Quarryman, and Mary Ann, formerly Westlake. Since the parents names are what we want, I am guessing for the moment that this is the right guy.


4. Since writing the above notes I have received a lot of information from John Giles, who confirms the parents of William and the Launceston connection. He adds that, after the death of Elizabeth Bridle in 1885, William married Sophia de Carteret on 31st January 1888. Sophia was described as a spinster, although she already had a son Joseph (born in Sark in 1873). Her father was William de Carteret. There was a daughter, Elizabeth, by this second marriage, but she died aged 9 months. I have since been told that William eventually married 3 times (Sophia was his 2nd wife).

Note on Wife: Elizabeth Mary BRIDLE - shared note

1. The following record of her death (supplied by John Giles) comes from the St Peter Port church records :

Died 3rd May 1885, wife of William Henry Boundy

Daughter of George Andrew Bridle and Mary Elizabeth Hurley

Address : Pollet St. Cause : Inflammation of the liver.


2. Note that the 1881 census gives William's wife's name as Mary E Boundy, but there seems little doubt that this is Elizabeth Mary Bridle.