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Family of John D'AVOINE and Mary Ann LE GROS

Husband: John D'AVOINE (1846-1923)
Wife: Mary Ann LE GROS (1846-1885)
Children: John D'AVOINE (1870-1948)
Mary J D'AVOINE (1872- )
Eunice D'AVOINE (1873-1873)
Walter John Willis D'AVOINE (1875-1937)
Emile D'AVOINE (1878- )
Alice D'AVOINE (1880- )
George D'AVOINE (1882- )
Samuel D'AVOINE (1884- )

Husband: John D'AVOINE

Name: John D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Father: Jean D'AVOINE (1805-1875)
Mother: Jeanne LE SUEUR (1806-1884)
Birth 1846 Trinity, Jersey
Death 20 Mar 1923 (age 76-77)

Wife: Mary Ann LE GROS

Name: Mary Ann LE GROS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1846 St Ouens, Jersey
Death 31 Jul 1885 (age 38-39) Trinity, Jersey

Child 1: John D'AVOINE

Name: John D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Clara Elvina AHIER (1877-1962)
Birth 25 May 1870 Trinity, Jersey
Death 1948 (age 77-78)

Child 2: Mary J D'AVOINE

Name: Mary J D'AVOINE
Sex: Female
Birth 1872

Child 3: Eunice D'AVOINE

Name: Eunice D'AVOINE
Sex: Female
Birth 1873 Trinity, Jersey
Death 20 Dec 1873 (age 0) Trinity, Jersey

Child 4: Walter John Willis D'AVOINE

Name: Walter John Willis D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eva Mabel May BOUNDY (1877-1961)
Birth 1875 Trinity, Jersey
Death 27 Jul 1937 (age 61-62)
Burial Hither Green Cemetary

Child 5: Emile D'AVOINE

Name: Emile D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence WARD (1872- )
Birth 1878 Trinity, Jersey

Child 6: Alice D'AVOINE

Name: Alice D'AVOINE
Sex: Female
Birth 1880

Child 7: George D'AVOINE

Name: George D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Birth 1882

Child 8: Samuel D'AVOINE

Name: Samuel D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Fanny Louisa LANFORD (1884- )
Birth 1884

Note on Husband: John D'AVOINE - shared note

1. In the 1851 census he is 5 year's old, but named Jean. (In 1871/1881/1891 he is listed as John).


2. By the 1871 census he is living at 'Miss Norman's property' in Trinity parish, Jersey. This is in the Vingtaine of Ville a L'Eveque. His first son John is 10 month's old.


3. At the time of the 1881 census he is living at Rosemount, St Saviour, Jersey. His occupation is 'Farmer of 12 acres'. In the 2002 Jersey Almanac there is a property called Rosemount in 'Le Mont de la Rosiere'. Several of the property names on either side suggest strongly that this is still the same place.


4. By the 1891 census he is living in St Helier at 10 Chevalier Road, but his first wife, Mary, appears to have died, and he has married again to Ann.


5. In the 1901 census he is living at 33 Union St, St Helier, aged 55, a carpenter, married to Ann Hubert D'Avoine, aged 59. Ironer. They have one boarder living with them, but none of their children.


5. There is a reference number for his burial '157S NP NG'. This was obtained from Malcolm who believes it is a plot number.

Note on Wife: Mary Ann LE GROS - shared note



1. The record of her burial gives her name as Mary Ann Le Gros Bisson. Her age is given as 39 1/2. The 'Bisson' part doesn't appear in any other record ???