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Family of Walter John Willis D'AVOINE and Eva Mabel May BOUNDY

Husband: Walter John Willis D'AVOINE (1875-1937)
Wife: Eva Mabel May BOUNDY (1877-1961)
Children: Archibald Walter Humphrey DAVINE (1899-1972)
Reginald Willis DAVINE (1909- )
William (Billy) DAVINE ( - )
Donald DAVINE ( - )
Gladys DAVINE (1897- )
Irene DAVINE (1898- )
Olive DAVINE (1901- )
Marriage 8 Dec 1895 Holy Trinity Church, St Peter Port

Husband: Walter John Willis D'AVOINE

Name: Walter John Willis D'AVOINE
Sex: Male
Father: John D'AVOINE (1846-1923)
Mother: Mary Ann LE GROS (1846-1885)
Birth 1875 Trinity, Jersey
Death 27 Jul 1937 (age 61-62)
Burial Hither Green Cemetary

Wife: Eva Mabel May BOUNDY

Name: Eva Mabel May BOUNDY
Sex: Female
Father: William H BOUNDY (1844- )
Mother: Elizabeth Mary BRIDLE (1846-1885)
Birth 11 May 1877 St Peter Port, Guernsey
Death 1961 (age 83-84)

Child 1: Archibald Walter Humphrey DAVINE

Name: Archibald Walter Humphrey DAVINE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emily Alice FISHER (1900-1988)
Birth 20 Nov 1899 St Peter Port, Guernsey
Death 17 Jul 1972 (age 72) Northwick Park Hospital
Burial Hither Green Cemetary

Child 2: Reginald Willis DAVINE

Name: Reginald Willis DAVINE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary WHITTAKER (1908-1959)
Birth 22 May 1909 Calais

Child 3: William (Billy) DAVINE

Name: William (Billy) DAVINE
Sex: Male

Child 4: Donald DAVINE

Name: Donald DAVINE
Sex: Male

Child 5: Gladys DAVINE

Name: Gladys DAVINE
Sex: Female
Birth 1897

Child 6: Irene DAVINE

Name: Irene DAVINE
Sex: Female
Birth 1898

Child 7: Olive DAVINE

Name: Olive DAVINE
Sex: Female
Birth 1901

Note on Husband: Walter John Willis D'AVOINE - shared note

1. Tracey has rung the Registrar's Office in Jersey and been told that he was born 17/6/1857. At that time his name was simply Walter d'Avoine.


2. He appears in the 1881 census as Walter d'Avoine, aged 6.


3. In the 1891 census he is still living with his parents, with his occupation given as 'carpenter's apprentice'.


4. In 1895 he was married in Guernsey, having changed his name to Davine. In the record of his marriage, both Walter and Eva gave their ages as 21, which seems an exageration in both cases. They were married by licence, and both described as 'of this parish' (which is Holy Trinity, St Peter Port).


5. In the 1901 census he is living at 95 Victoria Road, St Peter Port, aged 26, a carpenter. His family consists of his wife Eva and 4 children Gladys (4), Irene (2), Archibald (1) and Olive (4 months). His brother George, aged 20, a baker's assistant is also present, although he gives his birthplace as St Peter Port. There is also a lodger, Henry Turner.


6. His profession is given as carpenter, both at the time of the birth of his son Archibald, and at the time of Archibald's marriage. The marriage certificate of his son Reginald gives his profession as 'Carpenter H.U.O.W'. (What do these letters mean ??) Somewhere in one of the London cathedrals, his initials can be found carved on a staircase which he made.


7. It is believed that Walter and his family moved to Calais at some time before WWI, and Archibald would have gone to school in Calais. He served with the British Army as an interpreter during the war. He may have moved to Sydenham some time after the end of WWI.

8. His burial location is 'Family Grave 135, Plot B' in Hither Green Cemetery. It is only at the time of his death that 'John' appears as his second name. In all the other records I have he is either Walter Willis or simply Walter Davine/d'Avoine.

Note on Wife: Eva Mabel May BOUNDY - shared note

1. Note that the births of 3 of Eva's sibblings (Mary, Florence and James) are available on the on-line IGI. These all give the mother as Elizabeth Briddle (or Briddles) - which doesn't quite agree with the wife's name of Mary in the 1881 census. Unfortunately the on-line IGI file stops at 1875.


2. Info from Shirley Portway :- In addition to the children listed, there were also 3 triplets, all boys, who died within a few days. Also a boy Cyril who died very young. ( Shirley believes that she was told there were 13 children in all, but can only remember the 7 listed, plus the 4 who died young). Eva lived for a long time at 15 Highclere Street, Sydenham, later moving in with her son Reg for the last couple of years before her death in approx. 1961.