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Family of Richard FAITH and Sarah LUFF

Husband: Richard FAITH (1732- )
Wife: Sarah LUFF (1740-1809)
Children: Richard FAITH (1757- )
Sarah FAITH (1759- )
Richard FAITH (b.1761, bur.1834)
Mary FAITH ( - )
Marriage 23 Aug 1756 Heyshott

Husband: Richard FAITH

Name: Richard FAITH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1732

Wife: Sarah LUFF

Name: Sarah LUFF
Sex: Female
Father: William LUFF (1712-1757)
Mother: Sarah MILES (1712-1788)
Birth 15 May 1740 Heyshott
Death 1809 (age 68-69)
Burial 28 Jul 1809 Graffham

Child 1: Richard FAITH

Name: Richard FAITH
Sex: Male
Birth 29 May 1757 Climping

Child 2: Sarah FAITH

Name: Sarah FAITH
Sex: Female
Spouse: William LASHMORE ( - )
Birth 12 Aug 1759 Climping

Child 3: Richard FAITH

Name: Richard FAITH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne BASS ( - )
Birth 7 Jun 1761 Heyshott, Sussex
Burial 14 Aug 1834 Denton, Kent

Child 4: Mary FAITH

Name: Mary FAITH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry BUDDLE ( - )

Note on Husband: Richard FAITH - shared note

1. The identification of 'Richard Faith of Climping' as the husband of Sarah Luff is made clear from the will of William Luff. This implies that the children born in Climping to Richard and Sarah Faith can fairly safely be attributed to this family.


2. The Heyshott parish register also describes him as 'Richard Faith of Climping' at the time of his marriage to Sarah Luff. The marriage was by licence, which adds that Richard was aged 24 and had only been living in Climping for 2 months. Both Richard and Sarah could sign their names. The IGI then gives us a possible candidate for his birth as born in Sidlesham in 1731.


3. Note the reference to Richard Faith in LAVINGTON Ms 554 at the WSRO. The file summary is as follows :


FILE - Bond in £80. Richard Faith of Climping, miller, to William Luff of Heyshott, carpenter, to pay £40 16s. 0d. on 18 May 1757. - ref. LAVINGTON/554 - date: 17 Nov 1756


4. It seems as though the Faiths left Sussex and moved to somewhere near Denton in Kent. (My theory - see the notes on his wife - is that Richard Faith must have left his wife to come to Kent and brought all his children with him.) See his wife's notes for a mention of his children Sarah Lashmore (nee Faith), Mary Buddle (nee Faith) and Richard Faith. We have the following marriages which partly tie up :

i. Sarah Faith to Thomas Finnes in Barham 1782

ii. Richard Faith of Denton to Anne Bass in Wootton in 1785

iii. Mary Faith to Henry Buddle in Swingfield in 1785.

Obviously, at least one of the Scutts (ie. John Scutt b.1769) also moved to Denton. As yet it is totally unclear what could have taken the whole family to Kent.

(NB. There is also a Henry Fait (sic) who married Sarah Hough in Ashford in 1802. Not clear whether he fits in anywhere.)

Note on Wife: Sarah LUFF - shared note

1. Sarah Luff's first appearance in the family history is as Sarah Faith, the wife of Richard Scutt, who is mentioned in the catalogue to the Wilberforce Archives in the WSRO. This contains the following summary of Wilberforce Ms.177 and gives the vital clue which linked John Scutt of Denton to the Scutts of Graffham :


FILE - Assignment. Consideration £1018 7s. 3d.: (a) Thomas Purser of Todham in Easebourne, yeoman (surviving exor. of the will of Sarah Tiller, late wife of Thomas Tiller of Heyshott, wheel-wright, dec'd); (b) John Quantock of Chichester, esq. and Mary his wife (née Heather, and ex'trix of the will of Thomas Heather late of Midhurst, gent., dec'd); (c) Richard Scutt of Graffham, husbandman (who survived his wife Sarah, née Faith), Richard Faith of Denton, co. Kent, miller, William Lashmore of Staplegate in Canterbury, cordwainer, and Sarah his wife, née Faith, John Scutt of Denton, cordwainer, Thomas Scutt of Graffham, blacksmith, William Holden of Graffham, cordwainer and Martha his wife, née Scutt (which said Richard Faith, Sarah Lashmore, John Scutt, Thomas Scutt and Martha Holden are the surviving children of Sarah Scutt, née Faith), Mary Buddle of Faversham, co. Kent, spinster, dau. of Mary (née Faith) and Henry Buddle; (d) Henry Gadd of Graffham, yeoman. - ref. WILBERFORCE/177 - date: 10 Oct 1810


There are lots of notes worth adding to this :


Note 1. The document is an Indenture which was written shortly after the death of Richard Scutt and finally tidies up the property left by Sarah Tiller in her will. This property had first passed to Sarah Tiller's daughter Sarah Scutt, and then after her death to Richard Scutt. It is now being sold for £1018 7s 3d to Henry Gadd with the proceeds distributed between 5 surviving children and one grandchild of Sarah Scutt.


Note 2. The people mentioned in the above summary are as follows :

a) Sarah Tiller is really Sarah Miles, the mother of Sarah Luff, after her second marriage to Thomas Tiller.

b) Thomas Heather was involved in an earlier property transaction with Sarah Tiller.

c) Richard Faith of Denton, Sarah Lashmore (née Faith), and Mary (née Faith) the wife of Henry Buddle are the children of Sarah Luff by her first marriage to Richard Faith. John Scutt, Thomas Scutt and Martha Holden (nee Scutt) are her children by her second husband Richard Scutt.

d) Henry Gadd is the executor of Richard Scutt, her second husband.


Note 3. The summary above describes the wife of Richard Scutt as 'Sarah (nee Faith)'. This is a mistake made by the summariser, not by the Indenture itself. She was born Sarah Luff, first married to Richard Faith, and later married to Richard Scutt.


2. The WSRO has a list of Administration orders, which includes one for the effects of Sarah Scutt, granted to her husband Richard Scutt on December 18 1809. The value of her effects is put at under £20.


3. There are additional notes relating to the second marriage of Sarah Luff and recorded there. This marriage is interesting for the fact that it appears to have been invalid, presumably because her first husband was still alive.