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Family of Henry Spearpoint PETTIT and Charlotte SCUTT

Husband: Henry Spearpoint PETTIT (1831-1915)
Wife: Charlotte SCUTT (1832- )
Children: Edward PETTIT (1857-1909)
John Scutt PETTIT (1858- )
Marriage 25 Dec 1855 St Mary the Virgin, Dover

Husband: Henry Spearpoint PETTIT

Name: Henry Spearpoint PETTIT
Sex: Male
Father: Edward PETTIT (1807-1856)
Mother: Sarah SPEARPOINT (1804-1864)
Birth 1831 Folkestone
Death 1915 (age 83-84)
Census 1881 (age 49-50) 10 Little John St., Bermondsey
Christening 23 Feb 1831 (age 0) Folkestone

Wife: Charlotte SCUTT

Name: Charlotte SCUTT
Sex: Female
Father: James SCUTT (1796- )
Mother: Ann MINTER (1798-1846)
Birth 6 May 1832 Denton, Kent
Death "BEF. 1889"

Child 1: Edward PETTIT

Name: Edward PETTIT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann Elizabeth HARRIS (1858-1933)
Birth 18 Mar 1857 North Street, Folkestone
Death 1 Dec 1909 (age 52) Guy's Hospital, London
Census 1881 (age 23-24) 11 Goat Street, Bermondsey

Child 2: John Scutt PETTIT

Name: John Scutt PETTIT
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Dec 1858 Folkestone

Note on Husband: Henry Spearpoint PETTIT - shared note

1. In 1879 his son's marriage certificate gives his profession as Watchman, and his address as Blackman Street, Newington.


2. 1881 Census gives his address as 10 Little Johm Street, Bermondsey and occupation as Merchant Seaman. (NB. Census CD spells his name 'Pettitt'.


3. The IGI on-line index has a record of the birth of 'Hen Spearpoint Pettit' at Folkestone on 23/2/1831. I trust that this is the guy (the records I have so far do not mention the middle name of Spearpoint). His parents are given as 'Edw Pettit' and 'Sar'. Note that Henry's first child John was christened 'John Scutt' to include his mother's maiden name. If this is the fashion in the family then it is a fair guess that Henry's mother might have been Sarah Spearpoint. This is confirmed by the record of a marriage between Edward Pettit and Sarah Spearpoint in Folkestone in 1826. All circumstantial, but good enough for me.


4. There is a marriage record of Henry Spearpoint Pettit to Charlotte Scutt. This confirms that the guy we want really does have a middle name of Spearpoint. In this record he is 24, a batchelor and a mariner. He is the son of Edward Pettit, Coastguard.


5. He is still alive at the time of the 1901 census, living in Horselydown, with his profession given as Night Watchman. He is living at 44 Lafone Street, which is the same address as his son Edward, although his family is listed as a separate household. The household consists of Henry and his second wife Annie (nee Hall), together with two boarders Joseph and William Hall.


6. From the GRO Index he appears to have died age 84 in 1st Qtr 1915.

Note on Wife: Charlotte SCUTT - shared note

1. There is a record of the christening of Charlotte Scutt in Denton, Kent on May 6, 1832. She is the daughter of James Scutt (shoemaker) and Ann Scutt. The date and place match up with information in the 1881 census.


2. In both the 1841 and 1851 censuses she is living with the family of John and Elizabeth Scutt. (John Scutt would appear to be her uncle.)


3. At the time of her marriage to Henry Pettit she lived at 23 Albion Place, Dover. She gives her father's name as John Scutt, Serjeant of Police, and John Scutt is also down as a witness.


4. Is it time to start doubting that her father really was James ? Just suppose that she was really the daughter of John Scutt and Elizabeth Ovenden. Then she would have been born 7 1/2 months after their marriage, which is a bit soon - but surely not enough to worry about ? Just maybe the rector in Barham was likely to be difficult about this detail and it was easier to go to Denton and attribute the baby to the family of James and Ann Scutt ?


5. At the time of the 1881 census, there is a widow called Mary A Harrison at the same address as Henry and Charlotte, described as the Mother-in-law of the Henry Pettit. Her birthplace is given as Clewer, Berkshire. This just has to be a red herring !


6. Aunt Ethel believed that Charlotte Scutt was in her parents wedding photo of 1913. This looks unlikely since there is no trace of Charlotte in the 1901 census. Her husband appears to have remarried in 1889.