Family of John SCUTT and Elizabeth BUCKMAN

Husband: John SCUTT (1687- )
Wife: Elizabeth BUCKMAN ( - )
Children: Richard SCUTT (1719- )
John SCUTT (1711- )
Elizabeth SCUTT (1713- )
Sarah SCUTT (1723- )
Marriage 1709 Storrington

Husband: John SCUTT

Name: John SCUTT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1687 Storrington

Wife: Elizabeth BUCKMAN

Name: Elizabeth BUCKMAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Richard SCUTT

Name: Richard SCUTT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Martha SUMASEL ( - )
Birth 1719 Storrington

Child 2: John SCUTT

Name: John SCUTT
Sex: Male
Birth 1711 Storrington

Child 3: Elizabeth SCUTT

Name: Elizabeth SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 1713 Storrington

Child 4: Sarah SCUTT

Name: Sarah SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 1723 Storrington

Note on Husband: John SCUTT - shared note

1. This is the end of the trail provided by Jimmy Scutt. The only further information is that the father of this John Scutt was also John Scutt (Storrington registers only give the father's name ?]. It appears from Jimmy Scutt's database that all the obvious Sussex wills have been read by someone or other, and all the available parish registers searched. There were at least 3 John Scutts born in this part of Sussex in 1687, so there is probably little easy progress to be made.


2. There is a John Scutt of Storrington shown in the 1734 Sussex Poll Book.


3. The WSRO Wills index shows one for a John Scutt of Storrington who died in 1757. Unfortunately, on trying to obtain a copy of this will they tell me that there has been a mistake and that the name was really John Searle of Storrington.


4. There is a Burials index somewhere for Storrington which the WSRO have consulted. They tell me that there is a John Scutt buried in 1737. (There is also another John Scutt died in Storrington in 1713 - could this be his father ?).

Note on Wife: Elizabeth BUCKMAN - shared note

1. Jimmy Scutt's database includes the burial of an Elizabeth Scutt in Storrington on March 12, 1762. He guesses that this might be Elizabeth Buckman.