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Family of Richard SCUTT and Martha SUMASEL

Husband: Richard SCUTT (1719- )
Wife: Martha SUMASEL ( - )
Children: John SCUTT (1741- )
Richard SCUTT (1743-1823)
Marriage 8 May 1740 Pulborough

Husband: Richard SCUTT

Name: Richard SCUTT
Sex: Male
Father: John SCUTT (1687- )
Mother: Elizabeth BUCKMAN ( - )
Birth 1719 Storrington

Wife: Martha SUMASEL

Name: Martha SUMASEL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: John SCUTT

Name: John SCUTT
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Oct 1741 Wisborough Green

Child 2: Richard SCUTT

Name: Richard SCUTT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah LUFF (1740-1809)
Birth 5 Sep 1743 Wisborough Green
Death 1823 (age 79-80)
Burial 20 Apr 1823 Graffham

Note on Husband: Richard SCUTT - shared note

1. The identification of Richard Scutt as the one born in Storrington in 1719 looks quite shaky. It is taken from Jimmy Scutt's database but I can't see any supporting evidence. There appears to be another candidate born in Kirdford in 1715 who is not otherwise accounted for.

Note on Wife: Martha SUMASEL - shared note

1. Jimmy Scutt's database says that Martha Sumasel was born about 1719 'of Pulborough'. The reference suggests that this comes in some way from the Bishops Transcripts. Not at all clear.


2. There is a possible Martha Somersell in the IGI born 2/2/1712 in Fittleworth (but this would make her 7 years older than Richard). She is the daughter of Abraham Somersell and Elizabeth Marden, who were married in Fittleworth 25/6/1795. They have a total of 8 children born in Fittleworth between 1695 and 1712. Both Abraham and Elizabeth were buried in Fittleworth.