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Family of John SCUTT and Elizabeth NEWMAN

Husband: John SCUTT (1769-1837)
Wife: Elizabeth NEWMAN (1771- )
Children: Ann SCUTT (1798- )
Eliz SCUTT (1801- )
Mary SCUTT (1806- )
John SCUTT (1808- )
Jane SCUTT (b.1810, bur.1815)
Ruth SCUTT (b.1811, bur.1812)
Marriage 28 May 1795 Stedham, Sussex

Husband: John SCUTT

Name: John SCUTT
Sex: Male
Father: Richard SCUTT (1743-1823)
Mother: Sarah LUFF (1740-1809)
Birth 1769
Death 11 May 1837 (age 67-68) Denton, Kent

Wife: Elizabeth NEWMAN

Name: Elizabeth NEWMAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1771 Stedham, Sussex

Child 1: Ann SCUTT

Name: Ann SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 7 Feb 1798 Elsted, Sussex

Child 2: Eliz SCUTT

Name: Eliz SCUTT
Sex: Female
Spouse: John CHANDLER ( - )
Birth 22 Mar 1801 Elsted, Sussex

Child 3: Mary SCUTT

Name: Mary SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Feb 1806 Denton, Kent

Child 4: John SCUTT

Name: John SCUTT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth OVENDEN (1811- )
Birth 7 Aug 1808 Denton, Kent

Child 5: Jane SCUTT

Name: Jane SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 4 Mar 1810 Denton, Kent
Burial 27 Apr 1815 Denton, Kent

Child 6: Ruth SCUTT

Name: Ruth SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 21 Jul 1811 Denton, Kent
Burial 16 Feb 1812 Denton, Kent

Note on Husband: John SCUTT - shared note

1. John Scutt appears in the family tree as a result of his mention in some title deeds which involve his mother's family. (See the notes on Sarah Luff b.1740 for this document). So we take it that this John Scutt was definitely in Denton, Kent in 1810. The Denton parish register has records of the birth of three children to John and Elizabeth Scutt.


2. His date of birth of 1769 is obtained from the record of his death, aged 68, in 1837. This fits very well with the date of his parents marriage, and the fact that there is a 3-year gap between their marriage and the birth of the first of their children (= Avis) for whom a record has been found. Jimmy Scutt's database ought to be fairly complete for all Scutt births in Sussex, but the birth of John certainly isn't there.


3. I have asked Michael Gandy to search his East Kent marriage index (believed complete in this period) for John Scutt's marriage. He reports that there is no Scutt, Scott or Scot married to an Elizabeth in the years 1785 - 1805.


4. I am guessing that this John Scutt is the one who turns up in Elsted, Sussex as the father of James, Ann and Elizabeth between 1796 and 1801. The tangible evidence for a connection between Denton and Elsted is provided solely by Elizabeth (q.v. for more details). Elizabeth was married in Wootton, Kent and then turns up in the 1881 census giving her place of birth as Elsted. Note that, of the Elsted births, the mother of James is given as Mary, but Elizabeth is the mother of Ann and Elizabeth. For this reason I am assuming that John Scutt married twice.


5. Jimmy Scutt tells me that there is a Charlotte Scutt born in 1803 in Petersfield, Hants, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Scutt. (This is in the IGI, with the baptism taking place at the Church of Christ Independent). He thinks that she may possibly be part of the same family.

Note on Wife: Elizabeth NEWMAN - shared note

1. The name Elizabeth is taken from the record in the Denton parish registers of various children born to John and Elizabeth Scutt.


2. In the 1841 census, Elizabeth appears to be alive and well, living in Denton St., Barham. She is aged 70 and recorded as having been born in Kent. In her household are also Edwin Holtum, aged 20, and James Holtum, aged 13, both described as 'male servant'.


3. She is still there in the 1851 census, living at 31 Denton Street, Denton, aged 80. She is living with a lodger Mary (?) aged 78 and her granddaughter Jane Chandler aged 13. The interesting bit is that Elizabeth now gives her birthplace as Stedham, Sussex.


4. And still she turns up again in the 1861 census living in Denton. The household is :

Elizabeth Scutt aged 90, widow, 'Supported by funds', born Sussex

Elizabeth Chandler, aged 60, widow, her daughter, born Denton, Kent (!?).

On the enumerator's sheet there is only one other household between this couple and the Parish Church.


5. Note that two of her grandchildren have been given the middle name of 'Newman' (ie Francis son of John and Thomas, son of James) - so maybe this suggests that her maiden name was Newman. If so, then it may be worth noting that the IGI has the marriage of an Elizabeth Newman to a John Scott (sic) in Stedham, Sussex in 1793.


6. Since writing Note 4, the SFHG have published their Marriage Index, where the husband's name in the above marriage is transcribed as Scutt. It also lists two witnesses - Richard Luff and Thos. Scutt. The name 'Luff' possibly provides a connection between this marriage and the Scutt family in Graffham/Heyshott.